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New Hunt Type

We’re currently working on a new type of hunt that’ll allow players to roam islands, hunting Behemoths to their heart’s content.

These will be multiplayer persistent, drop in/drop out spaces where you can stay and slay.

Open environments where Behemoths spawn at various locations with varying difficulty levels will allow players to roam and pick their battles at their own pace.

We’re in the process of hammering out the early design of this hunt type and laying down the infrastructure for more exciting features in this space. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

Update (): We’ve moved this feature to the top of our To Do list (right next to the Player Journey Map), which means that most of the work you’ll see from us in the near future will be focused here. Right now, our adventure islands are in the prototype and testing stage. It’s an exciting time where we get to try out some of our more ambitious ideas, like revamped islands, varied Behemoth behaviour, and aerial traversal. We look forward to sharing more as we make progress!

New hunt type