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Aggressive Fauna

Questions about how and where fauna fit into our game have been circulating for a long time. (A patch note from FA 0.1.2 reads, “Rams will now properly spawn on the desert environment and with the correct item drops.”) But it wasn’t until OB 0.9.0 that we introduced an entirely new type of fauna: the smollusk.

Aggresive Fauna: Smollusk

In OB 0.9.2, the styxian became the second aggressive creature to join the pack — and the first beast in Dauntless capable of synced attacks (the kind that lock you into a disabling attack sequence).

Aggresive Fauna: Styxian

As of 1.2.0, Gruk-Gruks now roam the Shattered Isles. Watch out, their tusks aren’t just for show…

Aggresive Fauna: Gruk-Gruk

Future patches will continue to groom our existing creatures and release new aggressive fauna into the wild. Let us know what you think of your encounters.