Ramsguard Report
Ramsguard Report


The following reports are provided as a public service by the Ramsgate Sentinel. All reports have been verified by the Ramsguard. If you would like to report a crime or civil disturbance, please see the nearest Ramsgate sentry.

VEHICLE PROWL – Captain Arv Fessle of the airship Moonlash reported seeing a cloaked figure of undeterminable height, weight, complexion, age, or gender “maliciously lurking” near his slip on the Ramsgate docks. Captain Fessle allowed nothing was stolen or damaged but insisted the figure was attempting to empty his vessel’s aether traps with an unusual tool of unknown origin. The figure, whose existence and appearance cannot be confirmed by the Ramsguard, fled “on a floating plank” when Captain Fessle called to them and threatened to summon a sentry.

BURGLARY – Publican Aurora Firuz filed a report with Sentry Drebin concerning the disappearance of twenty kegs of airship-strength Krolach ale and two dozen cases of Ostian wine. Sentry Drebin is pursuing leads among local mercenary groups, smuggling gangs, and Ostian community leaders.

PUBLIC DISTURBANCE – A stand-down order has been issued to members of the Stormchasers fleet and the Crimson Blades mercenaries. Their most recent “friendly disagreement” carried on for more than three days, caused an estimated N72,000 of combined damage to the Stormchaser Officer’s Club and the Crimson Blades HQ, and destroyed or consumed more than N13,000 worth of liquor. No charges have been made or filed.

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES – An illicit imitation aether core operation has been discovered thanks to a two-year investigation by undercover agents of the Regent working in tandem with investigators of the Ramsguard. The ring had profited considerably from the influx of newcomers to the city, especially would-be slayers who wish to buy their way to success rather than put in the time, work, and training they need to succeed. Charges are expected to be filed against the ringleaders of the operation.

BREAKING AND ENTERING – Master Shipwright Horatio Gallifar reported his scrap pile had been “pilfered by miscreants and thieves.” Although none of the materials were considered functional, Gallifar stated in his report that a skilled and creative shipbuilder could “bodge together something that could conceivably float.” At this time no suspects have been apprehended, although witnesses reported a cloaked figure of undeterminable height, weight, complexion, age, or gender in the vicinity at the time.

ESCAPED ANIMAL – A ram identified as “Benson” by local herder Pitr Downey has been missing for more than a week and is still considered at large. The animal is tame, comes when called, and according to his owner is “really good with people who don’t make sudden moves.” Downey added that Benson wears a collar with a nametag, enjoys Krolach ale and Ostian wine, and is fond of “climbing, eating shirts, and ramming into things.”

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