Founder-Tier Credits
Founder-Tier Credits

Exciting news for Slayers who have purchased Founder-tier packs. You are now able to choose how you would like your name to appear in the game credits!

If you would like to be included in the credits but have not yet purchased a Founder-tier pack, there’s still time! You can learn more about Founder’s Packs in this article. Now that Founder’s Alpha has begun, we are no longer adding Founders to our Founder’s Credits, if you purchased a Founder’s Pack prior to Founder’s Alpha starting, your name will be immortalized in the Game Credits.

From all of us at Phoenix Labs, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support and dedication means the world to our team and keeps us motivated to shape the skies of the Shattered Isles every day. We’ll see you there!

Instructions on setting your credit

  1. By default, your listing in the credits is your Dauntless display name. If you know your Dauntless display name and would like to use it in the credits, then you’re all set! There’s nothing else to do.

  2. If you would like to use a different name than your Dauntless display name, first log in to your account settings at by clicking on the “Log In” button in the upper-left corner. Log in using your credentials to view your accounts settings.

    Log in to

  3. Once you are logged in, click on the “Register Name” button toward the bottom of the page.

    Click Register Name

  4. You will then be sent to a Google form where you can choose your credit!
    PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you do not change the Survey Code!

    Fill out Registration form

  5. Submit the Google survey and you’re all set!

If you have any problems or questions please visit

Guidelines Regarding Credits

  • Do not include profanity or other objectionable content in your credit
  • Do not attempt to impersonate, harass, or otherwise reference other players in your credit
  • Credits cannot be a URL or domain
  • Credits should be between 4 and 32 characters without special characters (!, @, #, etc.)
  • All credits are subject to review, alteration, or removal at the discretion of Phoenix Labs without notice

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