Sharpen Your Skills: New Behemoths
Sharpen Your Skills: New Behemoths

Péter leaned against the pylon at the end of Ramsgate dock, easing his tired, bruised body to the ground and cradling his sides with a grimace. They liked to say that any hunt you could walk away from was a good one, but then again they’d never had a Skarn batter their bones with a whirling tornado of boulders.

He sighed and let his muscles relax, surrendering to deep aches and pains. He wondered, looking at the horizon, if there was a place where the sky ended. If maybe there was a life he might have lived without broken ribs, fractured teeth, and the duty to protect an entire world from devastation… The Slayer laughed. The sheepherders and farmers could keep the quiet life. He’d rather meet his end in the maw of a Behemoth than behind a plow.

A call rang out further up the docks where other Slayers were forming a hunting party to take down a Kharabak. Péter sucked in his breath, cinched his armour tight against his bruises, and jumped up. He’d rested more than long enough. His legend was calling.

A Slayer’s legend is forged with the power of the Behemoths they slay. There’s no denying the pull of the hunt and the thrill of risking your life for glory.

We’ve watched the way that Slayers have teamed up and stood alone against the Behemoths of the Dauntless Closed Beta. Two new Behemoths are now stalking the frontier, ready to take on even the most seasoned Slayers.


By the time you’ve bested your share of Embermanes, bagged a few Skraevs, and even dropped a Pangar, you’re starting to get comfortable. You’ve got some slick gear and can dodge-roll with the best of them. Well on your way to becoming a legend of Ramsgate, nothing can stand in your way. And that’s when the Kharabak reminds you that there’s always something deadlier and faster just over the horizon.

Maybe more than any other Behemoth, Kharabaks are ready to turn the tables on Slayers. Their high mobility and predatory nature make them the assassin of the Behemoth kingdom. You’ll need to watch every angle and anticipate the unexpected. This deadly beast is ready to pounce on any mistake and turn the tables with ruthless efficiency.

Slayers new to this hunt may find themselves being pressured into a tight group by relentless, slicing attacks. Don’t fall for it. This Behemoth features two separate attacks that wreak havoc on bunched-up Slayers, so remember it’s more than just your own skin that’s on the line.

Slayers looking to dominate this fight will need to keep the pressure on. Kharabaks continue to pick up speed as they fight and you’ll need to figure out how to slow it down. An emergency extraction is sure to follow if this Behemoth gets slicing and dicing at top speeds.

The name of the game with Kharabaks is focus. Even if you’re staying on top of the beast’s speed and working together to dodge ricochets, you’ll have a new challenge on your hands once this Behemoth enrages. We won’t spoil the surprise but be sure to keep your audio up — and don’t trust your eyes.


Any veteran Slayer will tell you that knowing where to put your blade is more important than how hard you can swing it. The thick rock armour that covers Skarn will dull even the fiercest of onslaughts, leaving attackers with little stamina and even less to show for their efforts. You’ll need to play it smart and coordinate with your fellow Slayers if you want to make headway against these lumbering boulders.

But don’t let the slow steps and low rumble of the ground fool you — this Behemoth can lash out with angry, deadly strikes. Where an Embermane is quick to run down its prey, and a Shrike will pick off distant targets with a wind-cutter, Skarns prefer to stay put and bring their targets within range of their punishing strikes. Slayers will need to keep an eye out for flying boulders and rock spire surges once they’re in close enough to attack, juggling the jobs of breaking through armour and going in for the kill.


Expect to find Skarns roaming earlier islands and pushing your team to effectively coordinate your attacks. Slayers with hammers will find a natural place breaking away thick rock plating and War Pike wielders will do well to open up wounds for focused attacks.

Scopri di più sullo Skarn qui.

We continue to be inspired by the tactics that Slayers have used to defeat Behemoths and the mastery top-tier players are demonstrating every day. These two new Behemoths are just a taste of what’s to come in the future.

From all of us at Phoenix Labs, thank you for joining us on this journey.

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