Alyra Arrives With Radiant Escalation Alyra Arrives With Radiant Escalation
Alyra Arrives With Radiant Escalation

The last several months have been extremely trying for the Orrery. Researchers at an Avellanian research facility have been making concerted attempts at capturing the Chronovore – to study and harness the time-bending Behemoth’s infinite power.

Now, at long last, they have succeeded in extracting this beast from the timestream. But alas, things are not going the way they had hoped …

Radiant Aberrations

The Orrery’s plans have backfired. Although Avellanian researchers have successfully extracted the Chronovore from the timestream, attempts to contain the beast’s power are causing major surges in radiant aether at the facility. They now need your help to contain the surge and take down the Chronovore.

Radiant Escalation

In Radiant Escalation, travel to a distant Avellanian research facility currently under the siege of both Ostia and time itself.

Fight your way through this facility to unlock dynamic new amps for boosting your abilities between rounds. New amps include Crash Course, Flicker, Homefield Advantage, and others.

  • Crash Course is a new Squad Goals-style amp focused on Stagger damage. It brings with it an updated way of displaying Squad Amps in the chat box.
  • Flicker is a moment of near-invulnerability granted when you unleash your lantern’s power.
  • Homefield Advantage lets you bring your banner into play. Flying your flag will generate a powerful aura for you and your team.

Also unique to this Escalation is a puzzle mechanic. As you progress through the first four arenas, keep your eyes peeled for hidden secrets that will give you a special advantage before you enter the final arena.

In the final arena, confront the mysteries of this research facility and face off with the capstone Behemoth of Radiant Escalation – the Chronovore!

Alyra’s Alluring Arrival

With the Chronovore pulled from its time loop on The Paradox Breaks, a large amount of excess radiant aether remains on the island.

Activating the Paradoxicon seems to attract a new, never-before-seen type of winged beast to the island – the Alyra.

The Alyra’s roars are almost musical, perhaps even beautiful. Each call is a note in a symphony, rising in crescendo until a terrifying, deadly finale.

The regal Alyra, a stunning creature with strong wings and a dexterous tail, has the ability to reshape its radiant power – a first for Behemoths. It is able to attune itself to other aetheric elements – by creating elemental glyphs that change its abilities when activated.

Blaze glyphs allow the Alyra to breathe hot flames, while frost glyphs allow it to summon freezing winds. Shock glyphs can apply a shock debuff to Slayers hit by its tail swipe, or add shockwaves to its attacks. Terra glyphs afford the Alyra rock spires or poison zones, depending on which attack it uses.

This unique ability of the Alyra applies to the entire aetheric spectrum, except umbral. Slayers who have encountered this fascinating but merciless beast are wondering if its aetheric attuning ability is sheer magic, or if it is a hint indicating the direction in which Behemoth evolution is heading.

Alyra Gear

Battle this beguiling new Behemoth to craft the full range of Glyph Weaver weapons and the Spellbound armour skin set from its parts.

Glyph Weaver weapons boast a unique weapon effect that either deals additional radiant damage or grants stacking shields to all Slayers in a radius, based on the active glyph type and lantern use.

Get ready for Radiant Escalation and Alyra – both launching with update 1.10.3 on May 26!

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