Fenroar:<br/>The Next Step in Behemoth Evolution Fenroar:<br/>The Next Step in Behemoth Evolution
The Next Step in Behemoth Evolution

The Fenroar is a highly aggressive Behemoth that exhibits very solitary traits. It always seeks higher ground to afford itself a clearer view of its potential foes.

– From the research notes of Dr. Shaed Priyani

Effects of Evolution

As the months pass, Behemoths all across the Shattered Isles are evolving in anomalous and unexpected ways. The Agaric spore-infected monstrosity once known as the Sporestruck Embermane has changed so drastically that Behemothologists are now calling this evolved beast the Fenroar.

The evolution from Sporestruck Embermane (left) to Fenroar (right)
The evolution from Sporestruck Embermane (left) to Fenroar (right)
The evolution from Sporestruck Embermane (left) to Fenroar (right)

Evolution has turned the Sporestruck Embermane into something quite different. Once merely a terra variant of the Embermane, this monster is now a full-fledged terra Behemoth that has extremely well-honed terraforming abilities.

Its spore-speckled appearance, a result of mutation caused by infection from the Agarus’ spores, is now further accentuated by the dynamic design of the fire leaves on its body, modified moss and mushrooms on its back, and an additional wood horn.

– From the journal of Dr. Shaed Priyani

Like its Embermane ancestor, the Fenroar moves extremely quickly, allowing it to easily gain distance or close the gap between itself and its enemies. Watch out for dive attacks, as this Behemoth is a climber that often swoops down on its foes from the high terra platforms it creates.

Fenroar on its platform


Terraforming is the overarching theme of the Fenroar’s abilities. This Behemoth’s terra attunement allows it to manipulate the earth in various advantageous ways during battle.

Stone Walls

The Fenroar is able to create stone walls to trap Slayers. This allows the beast to follow up with a variety of moves while its opponent is trapped.

Terra Platforms

Manipulating chunks of dirt from the ground, the Fenroar is able to create terra platforms that allow it to reach staggering heights. With the higher vantage point, this stealthy creature can then follow up with a dive attack on its intended target.

Rock Rain

During a fight, the Fenroar can force chunks of stone up from the ground that quickly fall back down due to their weight. These stones deal damage when they are launched into the air and also when they hit the ground.

Quick Sand (Earthshaper Fenroar only)

The Earthshaper Fenroar is able to bury itself in the ground and chase Slayers, creating rubble while moving.

Fantastic Fenroar
Cosmetics and Rumours

Armour and Weapons

Defeat the Fenroar and the Earthshaper Fenroar to start crafting the Stonewood armour set and Fenroar weapons. Fenroar weapons allow you to create Terra Platforms of your own, which deal damage beneath them as they crumble.

Fenroar's gear


The Ravening Parasites chain blades skin rumour and the Toxic Phage helm skin rumours are existing rumours from the Sporestruck Embermane, with some updates to the rumour steps.

A brand new Behemoth dye rumour for the Petrified dye is available when you complete a certain secret action while battling the Earthshaper Fenroar.

Fenroar's petrified dye

Fight the Formidable Fenroar

The Fenroar will spawn on Undervald Defile. It can also appear in the Toxic Behaviour event on Undervald Defile and in aether surge events.

If you are up for a deadlier challenge, seek out its dire version, the Earthshaper Fenroar, on Razorcliff Isle. You can also find this variant in the Timeline Anomaly and Rock & Roll events on The Paradox Breaks, the Poison Personality event on The Blazeworks, and in higher level aether surge events.


As a terra behemoth, the Fenroar can appear in any non-Shock Escalation, with a higher chance of its appearance in Terra Escalation. You will also be able to complete mastery objectives for the Fenroar now that it is a full-fledged Behemoth.

What are you waiting for, Slayer? Take down this fearsome foe when patch 1.11.4 launches this Thursday, September 8!