Lore: Engineering Phaelanx Lore: Engineering Phaelanx
Lore: Engineering Phaelanx

Gazing up at his creation, the scientist knew the citizens of the greater Shattered Isles would be repulsed. One look at the sharpened beak and pressed Ostian steel wings would send any commoner running.
But Ostia must rise above the common man. To him, this beast was beautiful.
The Triumvirate scientist’s face twisted up into a grin as he pushed up his spectacles, the gleam of the backlights dashing across its lenses. They’d done it, hadn’t they? They’d defied all trivial taboos and forged something beyond the natural order.

They named it Phaelanx, and it was glorious.

From the Engineering Notes of Ostia’s Lead Weaponry Researcher

I’m happy to present the latest in Ostian weaponry. Forged in the gut of The Blazeworks, the Phaelanx is unlike any other Behemoth that roams the Shattered Isles. A miasma of groundbreaking technology and Ostian ingenuity, this Behemoth will enable the Triumvirate to extend its reach beyond Ostia’s borders and exert order across the lands.

As lead researcher on this revolutionary endeavour, I’ve included some notes below for our superiors to ensure confidence in our creation.

Equipment and Modifications

Pressed Ostian Steel Hide

We lost count of how many times our engineers folded the steel in the forging process, but I insisted “once more” repeatedly. My team and I threw everything we had at the beast, and yet its armour held. Blunt weapons, blades, aether… It withstood it all in defiance.

Sharpened Wingtips

Unlike its organic kin, the Phaelanx’s wings aren’t for flight. They are weapons with extreme reach. Its sharpened feathers will swiftly cut down anything that finds itself within the circumference of its wingspan with precision. Unfortunately, some of my team misjudged its reach, but rest assured, I swiftly replaced them with more capable staff members.

Aetheric Boosters

An unfortunate side effect of the layers upon layers of Ostian steel is the weight of the Phaelanx. We found in our former tests that it was failing to take flight, and in some cases, even walk. These failings prompted further development of the rear aetheric boosters. Thanks to this advancement, the Phaelanx can cover ground quickly and efficiently, despite its mass. Say a prayer for anything caught in its trajectory!

Aetheric Rockets

Rockets. It had to fire rockets.

Heat Vision

They told me that the eyes were unnecessary and a waste of production funds. They had the audacity to call me mad. The board shut their mouths when they saw the Phaelanx’s gaze melt through triple-pressed Ostian steel. Yes, the squeamish still weren’t comfortable seeing the beast recoil in pain due to its own attack, but not everyone has the stomach for scientific progress.

Phaelanx launches with Patch 1.7.4 on September 9. Find it on The Blazeworks in the Hunting Grounds.

Patch notes 1.7.4 - Heroes of Ostia