Saint's Bond Arrives Saint's Bond Arrives
Saint's Bond Arrives

Friends, lovers, friends who will become lovers, and lovers who are destined to become friends once more: the season of St. Avellaine’s favourites is upon us! And you need to look your very best to celebrate the Saint’s Bond. Even if, in the end, you wind up ‘dancing with yourself,’ as the bards of old once sang.

– Gregario Flynt, Stylist of Ramsgate

What more could one ask than this gift? Fleet of stride and shining at its heart, that most precious emotional connection is what makes us more than lonely people scattered about the sky. It is why the Artisan reached for the Savant across the Heartbreak Chasm and what binds the Undivided City to this day. It is not aether, archonite, or iron chains. It is simply this: love.

– Solon Saggeza of St. Avellaine


You. Me. Hunt. Saint’s Bond. Tomorrow.

__ Y for Yes.

__ M for Maybe I’ll see you.

__ N for Never talk to me again.

Hope you can read. Whatever.

Write back.


– Mysterious missive found behind the Bormen Smithy


As the snow and ice of Frostfall season melt into the first rays of a brighter dawn, the people of Ramsgate make ready for the season of Saint’s Bond. A celebration of romance, love, and the bonds of the heart that unite souls through the ages, Saint’s Bond brings with it anticipation, anxiety, and more than anything … adoration.

It’s a time when those who have longed from afar share their feelings through heartfelt missives. When relationships are reaffirmed and broken hearts are mended. A time for some to remember the inspiring tales of the Savant and the Artisan, the heroic lovers who saved the city of St. Avellaine during the ancient past. A time for all to reach out to those closest to them.

And a time, of course, for Ramsgate’s premiere stylist and Hunt Pass coordinator Gregario Flynt to debut stunning new looks inspired by (if not liberally borrowed from) the dazzling fashions of St. Avellaine, central city of the Avellainian Archipelago and in many ways the cultural capital of the Shattered Isles. Word is the stylist has several surprises this year for Slayers who want to look their best.


During the time of Saint’s Bond, red roses bloom within the city. Romantic partners and hopeful lovers weave them into clothing and hairstyles. St. Avellaine has always been a sophisticated and artistic society with a strong influence on other cultures in the Shattered Isles, and Ramsgate – founded by the Avellainian explorer Aulric Maas – is certainly no exception.

Due to gentle shifts in the aetheric currents that arrive as Frostfall departs, fragile archonite forms can sometimes crystallize out of the aether itself during the Saint’s Bond season. These “crystal hearts” are considered a valuable currency to many, especially Gregario Flynt. Although they do not have a particularly potent aetheric charge, they are small pieces of exquisite beauty; of special interest to Flynt’s wealthy, more secretive clients.

Crystal Heart


The city of St. Avellaine and the Saint’s Bond season have rich and intertwined histories – neither could exist without the other. In the coming weeks we’ll explore the history of the city, including the legendary figure for which it is named and a foundational tale from its earliest days that ties directly to Saint’s Bond. We’ll share heartfelt stories from prominent Ramsgate locals. Set a course for Ramsgate Plaza and check in with Gregario for all things exciting and new. He’s expecting you.