Seasons Deliver New Ways to Earn Rewards Seasons Deliver New Ways to Earn Rewards
Seasons Deliver New Ways to Earn Rewards

On April 8, 2021, the Vault closes forever, converting Vault coins to seasonal currency and giving way to the all-new Reward Cache. On the Hunt Pass, weapon skin rewards move from the Elite track to the Reward Cache, while premium armour and platinum remain.

Hunt Pass Changes

Starting in 1.6.0, each Hunt Pass will focus on a single Slayer style and fantasy, delivering a premium, VFX-enhanced armour set at level 50 and alternative style pieces throughout the Elite track. In the Time Strike Hunt Pass (1.6.0), that means you’ll pick up a new body armour skin, helm skin, lantern skin, and more on your way to the four-piece Primal armour set at level 50.

Primal Armour
Complete the Time Strike Hunt Pass to earn premium armour.

What’s Staying in the Hunt Pass

  • 100% platinum back. You’ll still be able to earn back the purchase price of the Elite Hunt Pass by making it to Elite level 50.
  • Premium armour set. The level 50 armour set has been polished up with premium VFX, making it even more worth the trek.
  • Standalone armour skins. These pieces are designed to mix and match with the level 50 premium set, giving you more control over your Slayer style.
  • Currency. Earn rams, bounty tokens, patrol keys, and more.
  • Assorted cosmetics. Face paints, sigils, flares, and other style rewards are also available on the Hunt Pass Elite track.

What’s Moving to the Reward Cache

  • Weapon skins. Hunt Pass weapon skins have all moved to the Reward Cache, letting you choose which one you want first.
  • Standard armour set. The armour set that used to live on level one of the Hunt Pass Elite track has been broken into four separate pieces and added to the Reward Cache.
  • Assorted cosmetics. Emotes, banner plants, titles, and dyes can now be earned through the Reward Cache.

The Free Track

With weapon and armour skins available (and earnable for free!) from the new Reward Cache, there’s no longer any need to put them on the free track. Instead, completing free track levels will earn you rams and platinum.

Prestige Rewards

Pushing your Hunt Pass past level 50 will earn you seasonal currency instead of Vault coins. The Time Strike Hunt Pass awards 25 seasonal coins per prestige level with Hunt Pass Elite.

The Reward Cache

Taking over for the Vault is the new Reward Cache: a seasonal shop with an expanding inventory of new, classic, and evergreen rewards.

What’s a Season?

When we say “season,” we’re talking about a period of time that covers two Hunt Passes. While that might change in the future, the current math is:

1 Season = 2 Hunt Passes

That means that the Infinite Radiance season beginning in 1.6.0 will start with the Time Strike Hunt Pass and continue through the end of the Hunt Pass that follows it.

What’s in the Cache?

The Reward Cache contains a wide range of items, including but not limited to:

  • Seasonal weapon skins
  • Seasonal armour pieces
  • Classic rewards (think “stuff that used to be in the Vault”)
  • Aethersparks
  • Merits
  • Patrol keys
  • Dyes
  • Emotes
  • Banner plants
  • Titles
Reward Cache
The new Reward Cache.

Once the Reward Cache is live, you can check its contents at any time. Just open the Main Menu and select Reward Cache.

Seasonal Currency

If you want to claim prizes from the Reward Cache, you’ll need to earn some seasonal currency. Currency comes in two varieties: coins and crystals. Coins are common, crystals are rarer, and both are necessary if you want rewards.

Ancient Coins and Crystals
Collect ancient coins and crystals to trade for rewards.

Seasonal currency is also, as its name suggests, temporary. It does not transfer over to the next season, so spend it while you have it!

The currencies for the Infinite Radiance season will be ancient coins and ancient crystals.

How to Earn It

While you can earn some coins from Hunt Pass prestige levels, your main source of seasonal currency will be new daily and weekly challenges. These challenges will ask you to meet specific goals (like slaying Behemoths or completing Escalations) in exchange for a currency reward.

Daily challenges reset every day at 10 a.m. PT. You get four per day, and completing one will earn you:

  • 100 seasonal coins
  • 20 seasonal crystals

Weekly challenges reset on Thursdays at 10 a.m. PT. You get one per week, and completing it will earn you:

  • 1,000 seasonal coins
  • 350 seasonal crystals

As with any new system, we’ll be watching these values and making sure they’re a good fit for the effort and time that goes into earning them.

The Slayers Club

For Slayers who want to speed up their earnings, we’re also launching the Slayers Club: a membership with three timed boosts.

Slayers Club memberships come in 3-, 7-, and 30-day increments that you can pick up from the Featured tab of the platinum store. Memberships activate as soon as your purchase is complete and grant you all of the following:

  • +100% seasonal currency
  • +20% weapon XP
  • +25% charged aether from Escalations

Buying additional memberships will add time to your total (including extending any current Escalation boosts you have). You can see how much time you have left by checking the counter at the top left of the HUD, next to your name.

Cache Benefits

And now for the final question: What’s in it for you?

First: more choice when it comes to the rewards you earn.

Instead of unlocking rewards in a predetermined order, you can now start with the items that you want most. Are you a chain blades main who wants to pick up a new weapon skin? Go for it. More interested in spending your seasonal currency on a new armour skin? That’s up to you. And because seasons span two Hunt Passes, you can even work ahead for future rewards.

Second: more earned rewards.

With weapon skins, armour skins, and more in the Reward Cache, there’s more that you can earn without spending platinum — which means more style options for everyone who plays.


As always, we’ll be watching the Dauntless Reddit, Twitter, and more for your feedback on these new reward features. Spend some time with them after 1.6.0 launches, then let us know what you think!