Welcome to Dauntless
Welcome to Dauntless

What does it take to become a slayer

Some will tell you that it’s courage. Picking yourself up after getting mauled and beaten. Running headlong into the deadly unknown time after time. Going beyond the frontier without looking back.

Others say it’s grit. Never settling for good enough. Digging for anything that could give you the edge. Bringing your blade down hard – every time – even when your body is aching to give up.

And some will tell you it’s hope. The thankful smiles and knowing nods of the people you protect. Comparing scars and telling tales of the hunt in the tavern. Sailing into Ramsgate port and knowing that you saved this day.

The behemoths are at the gates and you are all that stands between the last of humanity and the end of all things. What does it take to become a slayer? It takes everything you’ve got.

From all of us at Phoenix Labs, welcome to the world of Dauntless.

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Jesse “GTez” Houston
President – Phoenix Labs

In the coming months we’ll be revealing more of the Shattered Isles and you are invited to join us.

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