New Behemoth: Pangar
New Behemoth: Pangar

It Came From the Noth

The campsite was utterly wrecked by the time Kat arrived. The Ramsgate scouting party was lucky they weren’t in the same condition. One survivor, a long-retired Slayer who hailed from the northern reaches, called the mysterious Behemoth a Pangar. She swore it shouldn’t be this far south. Kat had to agree.

A green apprentice could have followed the trail. A wide, deep trench sliced through forest island leading into the woods beyond, ending in an open field. Then she saw it, shining like a jewel in the cold midday sun.

Frozen Tundra

The Behemoth Feasts

The Pangar had discovered a cluster of archonite buried not far beneath the surface and burrowed in for an aetheric feast. At first it barely seemed to notice Kat’s approach, bellowing its bizarre, oscillating roar to warn off anything foolish enough to interrupt its meal. Kat drew her sword and circled around a rocky knoll to flank the creature’s main avenue of escape.

An earth-shaking stomp rattled Kat’s bones as the Pangar’s tail lashed out with unnerving speed. The blade-like armour plate missed her face but peppered her with stinging ice. The fight was on.

Pangar Sketch.

Fighting Ice With Fire

Kat held her own, striking between the beast’s armour plates when she could. The Pangar was speedier than it appeared, dancing about on two heavy legs, swiping with tail and talons even as Kat landed blow after blow. She severed a heavy chunk of its tail, triggering an unearthly scream of rage and pain.

And it was so cold….

A brutal slash to the side of the helm pushed her back, but her armour held. Heigsketter did good work.

The Pangar closed in, blue eyes flashing silver with cold aetheric energy as it eyed her sword. Kat saw it was enraged, releasing the aether within its body like icy glass. But it was cautious.

The Pangar did something she’d never seen a Behemoth do. It tucked its toothy mouth into its chest and lunged forward in a rolling dive - then just kept rolling right at her. Only training and reflexes allowed Kat to get out of the way in time.

“Well,” the Slayer muttered, “that explains the trench.” The Behemoth disappeared into the forest, leaving cold, bitter air in its wake.

Pangar's Frozen Fury

The Hunt Continues

This hunt wasn’t over, but it was clear she’d need allies. And Kat knew just the slayers for the job.

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