Preview: Guilds of Ramsgate
Preview: Guilds of Ramsgate

The slayer leaned against the starboard railing of the airship, the wind of the open sky rushing against her face. She preferred to hunt alone, but the Grey Sails had put out the call.

Originally, they had met while taking down a particularly ferocious Shrowd that was stalking the frontier, when they were just four slayers with a similar outlook and sense of humor. Now they had grown to a dozen or so just a couple short years after signing the charter. They were beginning to mesh into a well-oiled fighting machine.

They depended on each other and the guild was their bond. Out here, the Grey Sails was as close as a slayer could come to a family. And family was worth fighting for.

Friends who slay together stay together

In Dauntless, guilds are groups of slayers who come together to accomplish more than they can alone. In a guild, you’ll forge enduring friendships, achieve world-firsts, and bring the world of the Shattered Isles to life. That’s why we’re building systems that will allow you to achieve more together, leave your mark on the Shattered Isles, and even create a community of your own.

Defending the Shattered Isles from the deadly, unending onslaught of behemoths takes everything you’ve got, day after day. So it’s no surprise that slayers depend on one another. In game terms, this means that as cooperation becomes part of how slayers hunt, they’ll receive bonuses for their participation.

The more your guild works together, the better the perks you’ll unlock. But just coasting on the guild roster won’t be enough to secure these bonuses. In order to activate a buff you’ll need to cash in reputation with your guild before you go on the hunt. This means that if you’re inactive, you won’t be able to capitalize on what’s already been unlocked until you get back up to speed with your guildmates.

This is something we’re doing based directly on your feedback. We heard from many of you that while you liked guild perks, you didn’t like guilds that existed only for the benefits. These perks serve and are the result of cooperation.

Shops of Ramsgate

Represent your guild

The guilds that make their mark on the Shattered Isles will echo through Dauntless and its community. But before you become legend, you’ll need to start with a humble guild charter.

It’s important to us that a guild is something special. That’s why you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of your hard-earned notes (the currency of the Shattered Isles) to purchase a charter. Once you do, you’ll be able to name your guild and start recruiting members.

One of the best parts of a guild is the unique culture and feeling that develops between its members. It’s important to us that guilds are able to express this culture both within the guild and to other slayers around the Shattered Isles. To facilitate this, we’ll have customizable items that you will use to show off your affiliation.

We’re interested in hearing about how you’d let the world know about your crew, so let us know in the forums!

It’s dangerous to go alone

We know that streamers and the communities they inspire are shaping the way games are made and played. We also know that it’s important to those of you who stream that there are ways to connect with your audiences.

To this end, we’re planning innovative guild features for streamers which will allow them to connect directly with their fans in the Shattered Isles. We’re still experimenting, researching, and working with partners like Twitch to determine what we can accomplish. If you stream or have an audience that you’d like to introduce to the world of Dauntless, please let us know. We’d love to learn about how we can make it easier for you to connect and play with your community.

Shops of Ramsgate

We’re working on new guild features every day and look forward to sharing the details around them with you in the future. Please let us know what you think in the meantime by participating in the discussion on our forums.

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