A Real-Life Zaga Jacket from Volante Design
A Real-Life Zaga Jacket from Volante Design

In-Game Style, IRL

Don’t have the foam sculpting skills to craft your own Zaga gear? Leave it to Volante. They’ve been turning video game inspiration into real-life (non-foam) clothing for years – and their latest piece is an homage to Dauntless.

Zaga Coat vs. Zaga Jacket

Modeled on our very own Zaga Jacket, Volante’s Zaga Coat brings Behemoth-based style into the real world. Unlike the Zaga Jacket, it isn’t shock aether proof, but it is waterproof, warm, and practical enough to wear all winter. Even better: You don’t even have to slay a Nayzaga to get your hands on one.

Zaga Coat in "Mercenary"

The coat also comes in three sleek colorways. “Midnight Frost” looks the most like our default Zaga Jacket, but we wouldn’t mind adding “Mercenary” (maroon on black) and “Night Hunter” (olive on black) to our closet either.

When Can I Get One?

The Zaga Coat is available to pre-order now at Volante’s PAX West pop-up store (hosted in our booth!), as well as on Volante’s website at https://www.volantedesign.us/products/zaga-coat-mens and https://www.volantedesign.us/collections/coats/products/zaga-coat-womens. Volante has set the price for this piece at $485 – a number that covers their premium materials and ethical sourcing. More on that in their FAQ.

Zaga Coat in "Night Hunter"

How Do I Wear it?

The adjustable straps on the Zaga Coat give you a few different options. You can loosen the straps to make room for other layers, or tighten things up to wear it on its own. If it’s a warm winter day – or you want put out the “I slay things” vibe – you can even leave it open.

Zaga Coat in "Midnight Frost"

^^^ S++.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of their site as well. It’s a solid collection of gaming- and comic-inspired gear.

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