Sharpen Your Skills: Preview
Sharpen Your Skills: Preview

Update! Sharpen Your Skills will be available on December 8th, 2017.

As the long, moonlit night of the Dark Harvest gives way to day, we’re looking forward to what’s next with Dauntless. We’ve released patches on a consistent cadence to date, updating the game with bug fixes and improvements every other week. We’ve used these incremental updates, not only to advance the game, but also to gather your feedback and learn more about what excites and engages Slayers just like you.

We will be stepping back from these frequent stability updates to go heads-down, channeling our focus and energy into a major update that will incorporate player feedback and change the way that you play Dauntless. Make no mistake, Slayers; December’s Sharpen Your Skills update means big changes are coming!

We are committed to a transparent and productive relationship between community and development (see our post on the Dauntless Roadmap). So, while we won’t be rolling out patches at our prior cadence, we will be providing you with weekly updates and previews of what’s to come in the Sharpen Your Skills update.

  • Progression Update (read it here)
  • A brand new weapon preview, enhancements to damage systems, and other combat updates (read it here)
  • Демонстрация двух новых Чудовищ (читайте здесь)
  • An equipment augmentation system that will change the way you play and craft (read it here)

We’re also updating the Dauntless Roadmap to reflect these changes. The Roadmap will always be the best way to see the current state of development for the game, so keep an eye on it if you’re wondering what’s coming next!

Thank you for continuing to support Dauntless as we prepare for this leap forward in development. We’re excited to reveal what’s to come, to release this major update, and to continue building the game that you love to play in the new year.

{Preview changes to Combat}

{Preview changes to Combat}

{Preview changes to Combat}

{Preview two new Behemoths}

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