The Trials of Lady Luck

The Island of Trials. Only the most hardened Slayers can enter Lady Luck's deadly arena, but those who dare — and succeed — will find themselves richly rewarded. Earn Steel and Gilded Marks to purchase Trials-exclusive goods, make a name for yourself on the Wall of Champions leaderboards, and test your skills with new Trials each week. Lady Luck will be watching.

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This week's Trials uses the following modifiers:
Shock Smollusks
Shock Smollusks
Shock smollusks inhabit the area and will lay trails of dangerous shock slime wherever they traverse.
Sovereign's Chosen
Sovereign's Chosen
This behemoth has been corrupted by the power of Koshai.
Attacks that would cause wound now cause crippling wound.
Tough Hide
Tough Hide
Dauntless difficulty only
Behemoth parts take less damage, but wounded parts take much more damage.
Win it to Wear it
Conquering Dauntless-difficulty Trials will earn you coveted Gilded Marks: a special currency used to purchase cosmetics. But only those who rise to the top will earn access to Luck's most prestigious treasures. How far will you go to attain them?
Trials prestige cosmetic rewards
Trials cosmetic rewards

Start with Steel

Not ready to take on Dauntless-grade hunts? Try earning Steel Marks in Normal Trials. This useful currency can be exchanged for new cells, weapon mods, and alternate weapon specials in Lady Luck's shop. Spend strategically, hone your skills, and you'll be taking on Dauntless Trials in no time.

How do I access Trials?
Slayers must complete the "Bright Shadows" quest before they can take on Lady Luck's Trials. You can pick up the "Bright Shadows" quest from Kat after completing "Elements of Heroism" and "Darkness Shines."
Is Trials here to stay?
Yes! Trials may have arrived with the High Skies season, but they'll remain in Ramsgate for a long time to come. Look forward to new Trials each week!
Can I use platinum to purchase Trials rewards?
No. Trials rewards can only be purchased with Steel and Gilded Marks, both of which are earned currencies.
When do Trials reset?
Trials reset weekly on Tuesdays at 2:00am PT.
How do I get those golden transmogs?
Lady Luck's golden weapon skins are prestige rewards, and they're coming to Dauntless in OB 0.9.3. Slayers who place in the top 100 at the end of a Trial will be able to purchase these special skins using Gilded Marks earned from Dauntless-grade wins.
Are there any other rewards for winning?
Top-performing Slayers can look forward to two exclusive new titles in OB 0.9.3.

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