Hunt Pass

Slay your way to premium rewards

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Slayer Commission

Slayers earn valuable prizes for their work in the Shattered Isles. Slay Behemoths and complete bounties to earn Hunt Pass XP. Reach level 100 to earn maximum rewards.

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Voidrunner Discovery

The Voidrunners are an ancient civilization that appears to have worshipped the Thrax. Not much is known about these people, other than paintings on cavern walls that tell stories of using umbral aether to create personal transportation portals. Unlock this pass to discover Voidrunner secrets and earn shadowy rewards.

Now -

Monster Inside

Some Slayers spend so much time with Behemoths that they become just like the beasts they hunt. Wearing their hide and wielding their fangs, these Slayers blur the line between Behemoths and humanity. Unlock this pass to unleash your inner fury and earn monstrous rewards.

How do I earn Hunt Pass experience?

There are three main ways to earn Hunt Pass experience:

  1. Slay Behemoths
  2. Complete bounties
  3. Gather daily collectibles

Some quests award Hunt Pass experience as well.

What do I get if I upgrade?
Upgrading your Hunt Pass lets you earn Elite track rewards! The Elite track is packed with premium cosmetics like armour skins, weapon skins, and emotes.
Does my free track progress carry over if I upgrade?
Yes. Upgrading your Hunt Pass instantly unlocks all Elite rewards up to your current free track level.
How long do I have to complete a Hunt Pass?
Open the Hunt Pass screen to see how much time is left on your Hunt Pass.
Can I skip ahead?
Yes. Slayers who own the Elite Hunt Pass can spend platinum to skip levels.
What is an Event Pass?
An Event Pass is a one-track Hunt Pass with a special set of rewards.
How do I change my active Hunt Pass?
Open your Hunt Pass and select "Change Active Hunt Pass" to go to the selection screen.
Can I level up more than one Hunt Pass at a time?
No. Earning Hunt Pass experience will only advance your active Hunt Pass.