Preview: Customization
Preview: Customization

The usually bustling docks of Ramsgate fell still, every eye tracking the slayer striding toward the town square. The sun gleamed upon his armour; brilliant crimson with a deep onyx inlay. A shoulder guard carved from a gargantuan horn, gauntlets capped with cruel claws, and a full helm crowned with brilliant red feathers.

Few on the docks knew the slayer’s name. But they knew him by the tales that his armour told, and based solely upon that, he was a legend.

Forge your legend

Your legend begins when you create your character and enter the world of Dauntless as an aspiring slayer. Your story will grow with every behemoth you slay, evolving as you use the resources you gather to craft progressively deadlier equipment. And your armour reveals the story of the savage beasts you’ve bested and your dedication to becoming the most recognized slayer in all of Ramsgate.

Armour Showcase

Armour makes the Slayer

Customizing your gear is about more than just stats — it’s about expressing yourself. Be an imposing badass in inky jet-black, project your majesty with lavish purple and gold, support your favorite team in matte green and yellow, or keep them guessing with a randomly selected rainbow. The choice is yours!

We’ll have dozens of colours to choose from as well as variations such as gradients and finishes (shiny, matte, etc.). This ensures that slayers with well-stocked palettes won’t find it difficult to stand out and create a unique look.

Slayers with an eye for fashionable accessories will also discover rare cosmetic equipment. While these items don’t have the combat prowess of behemoth-forged armour, they do make a great impression. So, what if you want the sharp look but need to keep yours stats combat-ready? You can apply the appearance of vanity armour to combat armour without changing your combat stats using transmogrification (or “transmog”) stone.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to gauge another slayer’s potential, though. We’ve heard from you, loyal slayers, that it’s important transmogrification doesn’t make it harder to matchmake and find slayers on your level.

Make an impression

As seen in the Dauntless announcement and PAX trailers, slayers use flares to communicate while hunting in the Shattered Isles. Nothing makes an impression like an explosion in the sky, especially when you get to choose the design. We’re working on flares you can use to express yourself and stamp the sky. We’ll have several dozen at launch.

Banners let other slayers view your accomplishments at a glance. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to update your banner. Different patterns, colours, and details can be unlocked as your legend grows.

We’ll be adding more flares and banner customizations to Dauntless as the game continues to grow. While many of them will be tied to the story and achievements found in the game, we’ll also be looking to the community for inspiration. Let us know what you want to see!

Dauntless flare animation

Chroma Cores

You’ll be able to earn dyes, transmog stones, flares, banners, and other cosmetic items by slaying behemoths and completing quests. You’ll also be able to acquire them from Chroma Cores purchased in the Dauntless in-game store. Chroma Cores are bundles of cosmetic items that you can use to personalize your slayer. We’ll have more details at a later date.

Update! You can learn more about Patron status and how it will impact cosmetic item drops in this Looting blog post

At its heart, Dauntless is about forging your legend. Our goal is to give you the tools that you need to realize this vision and make every moment in the Shattered Isles feel like the next chapter in your story. Let us know in the forums about your style and what you’d like to see!

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