Dauntless Repeaters Are Nearly Here
Dauntless Repeaters Are Nearly Here


  • Repeaters will be available on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

  • Mix and match repeater parts (grip, chamber, barrel, prism) to customize your weapon.

  • Stay close to your target to do more damage and trigger empowering reloads.

  • Reach the Monstrous Verge and defeat a Shrike to get your first set of repeaters.


It’s one thing to design a weapon. It’s another to create a ranged, multi-part, customizable weapon with its very own UI and move set. But after many long hours and lots of learning, we’re finally ready to share our latest project: the Ostian repeaters.

A Slayer wields the repeaters

The repeaters are the first Dauntless weapon that truly plays with distance – and maybe not in the way you’d expect. While you can hang back and hammer off shots from a distance, there are also big benefits to getting in close. But we’ll dig into those details a little bit later. First let’s look at the repeater and its parts.


The repeaters aren’t just unique with regards to their range – they’re also uniquely customizable. Each of the four parts that make up these weapons can be swapped in and out to change the way you play.

The barrel determines the element of your attacks.

The chamber changes your skillshot ability.

The grip sets your thrown ability.

The prism controls your passive bonus.

By mixing and matching available pieces, you can dial in a combo for nearly every situation. But you do have to craft them first.


Crafting repeater parts is a lot like crafting other Dauntless weapons. If you have the notes, the parts, and are far enough along as a Slayer, you can speak to Admiral Zai to have him build what you need. Look for the Slayer, Get Your Guns quest after you take down your first full-fledged Shrike – it will guide you along to your first set of shooters.

Once you’ve obtained a few more parts, you can open up the customization menu and start playing Frankenstein.

Customizing the repeaters

Is This My True Power?

Pay attention to power levels when you’re putting together your shiny new weapon. Each piece of the repeater has its own unique power level which adds to the weapon’s total power. Does that mean that you should just staple together your most powerful pieces? Not necessarily. Like everything else in life, the repeaters are about balance. Consider the benefits of each piece before you rule anything out.


Keeping your distance in a Behemoth fight has obvious advantages – one being that your organs are more likely to remain in your body. But while safety is a good priority, there are two big reasons to move in close.

Bigger Damage

The further you are from the Behemoth you’re shooting, the less damage you’ll do. The closer you are, the more damage you’ll do. You’ll need to play with proximity to find the sweet spots, but for guaranteed damage? Get in close. You can’t stand in the safe zone and be a hero.

Empowering Reloads

One of the cornerstones of good repeater play is the empowering reload. By standing close to the Behemoth when you reload your weapons, you can siphon off some of that creature’s aether to empower your next set of shots.

An empowered Slayer will deal more damage with their regular shots and gain special bonuses to their other abilities. Well worth the risk of a tail swipe or two.


The repeaters will be going live on Wednesday, October 3rd as part of Patch OB 0.5.7. Look for updates on our Twitter as we get closer to the date.