Lightbound Boreus:<br/>A Crystallized Menace Lightbound Boreus:<br/>A Crystallized Menace
Lightbound Boreus:
A Crystallized Menace

The Lightbound Boreus is a moving mountain. The crystals that grow from its body bear a strange resemblance to the glittering caves on Conundrum Rocks.

– From the journal of Dr. Shaed Priyani

Resplendent Radiance

The recent surge of radiant aether in the Shattered Isles has begun to affect more and more Behemoths. Shortly after the first radiant Behemoth — Lightbound Koshai — was discovered, Slayers started to report sightings of a never-before-seen, crystal-bespeckled Behemoth on Conundrum Rocks – a slow, lumbering creature surrounded by minions. Early encounters with this beast have led Slayers to name it the Lightbound Boreus, because of the glistening radiant aether crystals seen on its body.

The Boreus’ inherent psionic power allows it to connect with radiant frequency so strongly that crystallization sometimes occurs. The Lightbound Boreus is what emerges from this crystallization reaction.

– From the research notes of Dr. Shaed Priyani

Early research suggests that the Lightbound Boreus’ crystalline armour not only protects the Behemoth, but also exerts influence on it. An unknown entity appears to be using the crystals to connect to and control the beast. In turn, that connection has strengthened the bond between the Behemoth and the minions that make up its collective consciousness.

Lightbound Boreus

The Lightbound Boreus’ behaviour is erratic, caused largely by cognitive strain from the radiant crystal connection and control. Watch out for its hard-hitting stomps and lethal tail slams, both of which are made more dangerous by the sharp crystallized aether attached to its body.

Lightbound Boreus


Radiant Barriers

The Boreus is known for its ability to protect itself with armour. The Lightbound Boreus expands on this by being able to create radiant barriers, such as a protective radiant shield around itself, and a radiant prison that traps Slayers within.

Radiant Blast

While in an aether-charged state, the Lightbound Boreus is able to release its built-up radiant aether in a devastating blast. Much like the Chronovore’s blasts, these are able to pierce through even the strongest of armours. Additionally, while in this state, the Lightbound Boreus can also create radiant rings on the ground as it slams or stomps around.

Radiant Minions

During a fight, the Lightbound Boreus can summon minions for aid from across time and space.

When becoming aether-charged, it can summon radiant spitters. When it is enraged and stomping its feet, it is able to summon radiant bombers.

Uncover the Mystery

Kat Sorrel is determined to get to the bottom of what’s causing Behemoth variations to emerge with increasing regularity. Dive into the new Dire Discovery season to explore the deep mysteries surrounding this complication, and help Kat prevent more rogue variant Behemoths from spawning in the Shattered Isles!