Enter the Reach of Radiance Enter the Reach of Radiance
Enter the Reach of Radiance

“The city is abuzz with rumours — much ado about sightings of Koshai that look all … sparkly and shiny. Radiant aether, I presume.
Jury’s still out on whether this is a natural evolution, or a result of further Ostian meddling. I need to get to the bottom of this!”

—Katerin Sorrel

A Dazzling Discovery

As the thaw begins after the cold winter months, denizens across the Shattered Isles are starting to notice another change — one that seems to be brought about by shifting aetheric energies in the air.

With the help of several brave Slayers, Ramsgate’s resident aethersmith Arkan Drew is starting to gather more information about the reported crystalline Koshai sightings on The Paradox Breaks and Razorcliff Isle.

“Alas! These Koshai have been altered by radiant energies at a genetic level. What we are seeing here is external alteration, which results in a variant Behemoth quite unlike any other type we’ve ever seen before…”

—Arkan Drew

Slayers are already calling this new Koshai variant the Lightbound Koshai, because of its apparent connection to a larger source of radiant power.

As a radiant Behemoth, this version of the Koshai has the ability to manipulate the flow of time. Its careful, deliberate moves offer it both a regal yet commanding presence. Much like its unaltered counterpart, the Lightbound Koshai moves with calculated intention. However, radiant aether gives it the potential to speed up or slow down whenever it deigns to do so. This flashy Behemoth prefers to use its radiant abilities in battle instead of fighting with tooth and claw.



Time is always on the Lightbound Koshai’s side. The power of radiant aether enables it to change the flow of time so that it can speed up, slow down, stop, and/or reverse its attacks and movements. Along with the standard toolkit of Koshai abilities, time-bending allows the Lightbound Koshai the flexibility to adapt and set the pace of the fight.

Radiant Orbs

The Lightbound Koshai can conjure up radiant orbs, projectiles that can be sped up, stopped in place, or reversed when used in conjunction with its time-bending abilities.

Radiant Beams

The tail of the Lightbound Koshai is able to discharge beams of light. These beams are filled with pure radiant energy — enough to devastate even the strongest Slayer.

Crystalline Secrets

Rumour has it that an Orrery mining camp on Conundrum Rocks was attacked by a Lightbound Koshai. Most of the researchers were evacuated, but the Orrery is being tight-lipped about the purpose of their operation.

Today we discovered that the crystalline formations on Conundrum Rocks may very well be the most powerful substance in the Shattered Isles.
Tests on the crystals indicate …

—A ripped page from the notebook of the Lead Researcher at the Orrery mining camp

As Arkan Drew continues investigating the Lightbound Koshai and the crystals on Conundrum Rocks, Slayers are helping to test his theories and push the boundaries of crystal use by crafting the new Artificer omnicell with Lightbound Koshai parts.

A Companion Drone

The latest omnicell available at The Middleman is a crystalline drone that assists Slayers on the battlefield. The Artificer omnicell utilizes radiant aether to bolster allies and weaken foes, enabling Slayers to truly step into a support role when necessary. This aether-powered companion will always remain by your side, through thick and thin. Once you unlock this omnicell at milestone VII in the Slayer’s Path, use Brilliant Plumes from the Lightbound Koshai to craft it.

Active ability

Send your Drone to a target to have it perform one of four actions:

  1. Revivable Slayer - Revive and give a Slayer the Artificer Aura* for 15 seconds. Can only perform this revive once every 90 seconds.
  2. Active Slayer - Cleanse the targeted Slayer of status effects and grant them the Artificer Aura* for 15 seconds.
  3. Behemoth - Mark a Behemoth part to take +15% damage from all sources for 15 seconds.
  4. Ground - Surround an area with a radiant wall for 15 seconds. Radiant wall blocks hostile projectiles and beams, and applies the Artificer Aura* to all Slayers within.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

*Artificer Aura: Slayers in the aura restore 10 health per second. If health is full, a stackable 10 health shield is granted per second. Health shield lasts for 25 seconds. Max 400 shields.

Passive ability

Amount of healing and shielding granted per second is increased by 1 for every 150 current health when activated.

A Myriad of Possibilities

With the introduction of the Lightbound Koshai and a powerful new omnicell, Reach of Radiance unlocks the near-mystical potential of radiant aether. Slayer, are you prepared to uncover the secrets that lie beyond the light?