Escalation | Dauntless
Rise & Conquer


One set of gear. One set of supplies. Five back-to-back Behemoth battles. In this seasonal challenge, your goal is to make it to the top of the Escalation island chain with a high enough Escalation Level to fight the season’s final boss. Legendary rewards await those who succeed – but this won’t be an easy climb.

Charge your lantern

As you battle through the Escalation islands, your lantern capacitor will gather charged aether, earning you valuable Escalation experience. Use it to raise your Lantern Level, invest in special talents, and unlock fantastic seasonal rewards. Each level you gain also grants you a permanent +2 bonus to power and resilience that apply to all hunt types.

Choose your amps

Winning an Escalation encounter will allow you to activate an amp: a special buff that carries through your entire Escalation run. Amps can range from common to epic, and from pure perk to mixed blessing, so think carefully before you choose. You can power up the amps you encounter by investing in your talent tree.

Grow your talents

Each Lantern Level you earn unlocks a talent point for you to spend. Visit the Lantern Attunement Device (LAD) in Arkan Drew's shop to view your Lantern Level, access your talent tree, and invest in perks that strengthen your amps. Your talent tree is also the key to unlocking special seasonal rewards like the Malkarion's Ultra Armour.

The final score

If you want to fight the season’s big boss, you’ll need to prove that you’re worth its time. That means playing Escalation on its 10-50 setting and reaching an Escalation Level of 40+. Because every Escalation run is different, it can be hard to predict which Behemoth -- or Behemoths -- you'll face next, so don't get discouraged if you don't make it to the top right away.

Danger meter

The closer this is to 100%, the greater your risk of failing a hunt. Keep your danger low to raise your Escalation Level.

Escalation level

This shows you how well you're doing -- and how dangerous things are about to get. You'll need to raise your Escalation Level to 40 or more if you plan to challenge the season boss.

Death from above

Boss: Malkarion

Slayers who prove their worth in Escalation will earn the right to take on the Malkarion – a quick-striking, aerial menace with the power of lightning at its call. With the ability to hover just out of range, this sky serpent will have you reaching deep to overcome its shock assaults.

Mount up

Take advantage of new mounted attacks to take the fight to the Malkarion – and bring it crashing back down to earth. Multiple Slayers can mount at a time, so don't be shy about grabbing those aether jets when they appear.

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Legendary weapons

Slaying a Malkarion also grants you access to our first-ever set of legendary weapons! Each legendary boasts two prismatic cell slots (compatible with all cells) and a special legendary ability that can be used once per encounter. The Malkarion's legendary weapons can also use weapon bonds to equip other shock weapons' perks and specials.

Ultra armour

The Malkarion, like other Behemoths before it, comes with a full set of craftable armour. But that’s not the only look you can earn. Make it deep enough into this season’s talent tree and you’ll also unlock the Malkarion’s cosmetic Ultra Armour set.

How do I get access to Escalation hunts?
Slayers with a gear score of 350+ can queue for Escalation 1-13 after completing the "Things Have Escalated" quest. For Escalation 10-50 hunts, you'll need to complete the "King of the Hill" quest and have a gear score of 450+.
How do I earn Escalation experience?
As you progress through Escalation and activate amps, your lantern capacitor will fill with charged aether (Escalation experience) and slowly raise your Lantern Level. Breaking parts during an Escalation encounter can increase the amount of charged aether you receive.
How long do Escalation seasons last?
Escalation seasons do not expire. When a new season launches, you will still be able to go back and play previous seasons.
How do I reset my talent points?
You can reset your talents at any time (free!) by hitting Reset on the LAD screen. You can do this as many times as you want.
Do Lantern Level power and resistance bonuses apply to other types of hunts?
Yes! Each Lantern Level you earn in a season grants you a permanent +2 bonus to Power and Resilience, and that bonus applies to all types of hunts -- not just Escalation.