Welcome to Ramsgate
Welcome to Ramsgate

It isn’t the best place for a city; rugged mountains, fierce winds, and rain more often than not. But it is home. Ramsgate is the furthest settlement and best endeavor to make a beachhead into behemoth territory. The only way to win this fight is to take it to the behemoths.

Artisans, merchants, and warriors from all over the Shattered Isles came to Ramsgate, not because it would be easy, but because they knew they could make a difference. Here is where the war would be won. Many cut their teeth in the wilderness, exploring uncharted islands, fighting behemoths, and retrieving valuable goods and materials from their forays. Many never make it back, but those that do bring back hope.

Ramsgate stands as a symbol to the rest of the Shattered Islands. It is pioneering, it is bravery, it is strength. It is home.

Welcome to Ramsgate

The world of Dauntless is untamed, uncharted, and unforgiving. Many enterprising explorers set out to find new land for settlement, only to meet their end in the clutches of a behemoth. It’s no wonder very few islands have given rise to larger settlements. Enter Ramsgate: The edge of the frontier, and tip of the spear in the battle against the behemoth threat. It is here that Slayers forge their legends.

Ramsgate was founded by the Shattered Isles’ most intrepid explorers. Those brave enough to push back against the behemoths and establish a foothold in their land.

Ramsgate Alley

The city features bold design in hand-carved wood, elegant canvas, and chiseled stone. Wide wooden archways brace the city, flags billow high above the rooftops, and guild tabards are proudly flown outside gather halls. Ramsgate is the marriage of civilization and nature where giant waterfalls are met by waterwheels, and local wildlife is used for transportation. Everything here is handcrafted with purpose and pride.

Powerful Alliances

Those brave enough to risk their lives in the fight against the behemoths make the journey to Ramsgate. It is home to artisans, craftsmen, several guilds, and of course the local tavern. Need an upgrade or new piece of armour to take down a particularly nasty Embermane? Head on over to Moyra Heigsketter; her coveted armour recipes have been passed down for generations. Nearby is Wils Bormen. His finely honed weapons are considered masterpieces. Every slayer knows the right gear is essential to survive a hunt.

Need to add some special flair to your equipment? Pay a visit to Gregario Flynt, Ramsgate’s Stylist. He offers several dyes and cosmetic options to help you stand out whether you’re walking through the streets of the city or locked in battle. Many Slayers seek out Arkan Drew, the Aethersmith for his arcane knowledge. He has unraveled the mysteries of aether and can help Slayers unlock powerful materials used for crafting.

Ramsgate Plaza

Prospective Slayers will want to visit the Stormchasers, the Orrery, and the Crimson Blades — three powerful factions that have set up a base of operations in Ramsgate. Currying favour with their leaders unlocks powerful rewards that could mean the difference between life and death in the heat of battle.

Everyone in Ramsgate has lost someone to the behemoth menace, and now they have come together in Ramsgate to make a difference. It will take the combined might of many brave slayers to preserve humanity and ensure our future in the Shattered Isles. Will you answer the call?

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