Transparency and Communication
Transparency and Communication

We’re excited to announce how you’ll explore, cooperate, and forge your own legend in the world of Dauntless in the coming months. We’ll be pulling back the curtain on the path that will take us to Alpha, Beta, and beyond. This will also be your first opportunity to give us the feedback we’ll use to chart the course.

We aspire to make the Shattered Isles a place many of you will call your home away from home for years to come. This is a responsibility that we take seriously, and know that it requires confidence on your part. This kind of collaboration isn’t possible without an open dialogue, and that means transparency.

Here’s what you, loyal slayer, can expect from us when it comes to communication.

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Dauntless is a living game

We’re excited for you to explore the world of Dauntless when it goes into open Beta in the Fall. There will be behemoths to slay, gear to craft, friends to be made, and an entire new world to explore. Even as we throw open the doors of Ramsgate, we’ll be hard at work on new content and improving on what we’ve already made. We’re building a world that will constantly grow and evolve, and every step of the way we’ll be looking to you for feedback.

It’s important that we’re able to roll out both highly polished content and works in progress. This allows us to get the right feedback at the right time. Especially while we’re in Alpha and Beta, this means that you may come across things that are still evolving: placeholder assets, stats that still need adjusting, and other elements that we’re looking for feedback on.

We’re dedicated to making Dauntless a game that builds upon our experiences as game developers, your feedback as players, and that ultimately surpasses everyone’s expectations.


We’ve already received feedback from the community that you appreciate our open and earnest approach to communication. The more clear we are with you, the more informed and constructive your feedback will be.

We’re looking forward to playing with millions of other slayers, each with their own unique take on what makes Dauntless special. Conventional wisdom says that we should only confirm details that appeal to the widest possible audience and that only universally delight. But it’s only through open communication and iteration that we can uncover the ideas that will make Dauntless truly special in the years to come.

Our goal is to talk as openly and objectively as we can because we believe that players should be able to make up their own minds.

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What you should expect

When we think back on our favorite games, we see them as more than the sum of their parts; we remember them as awesome experiences. To this end, we don’t want to tick off a list of features. To us, playing is believing. You will eventually be able to go hands-on for free and let us know if we’ve hit the mark.

Sometimes this means that we’ll share something big and broad on the horizon, but that we don’t have a lot of details about. It’s still important to us that you let us know what you think about what these ideas mean for Dauntless. For example, we don’t have a complete list of materials you’ll be able to use in crafting, but we want to convey why having a variety of collectibles will enhance your experience.

It also means that sometimes we’ll have a lot of details to share, but they’re not set in stone. We’ll always do what’s best for Dauntless as a whole, and sometimes that means making significant changes on a smaller scale. When things will change, we’ll make that clear.

What you can count on is that we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. We’re excited to share more of what we’ve been working on and to work with you to make Dauntless something that’s truly special.

To date, the Dauntless community has grown faster and been more productive and positive than we had hoped. From all of us at Phoenix Labs, thank you for your continued dedication. And remember: communication is a two way street. Because we love feedback on how we get feedback, be sure to let us know what you think!

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