Dauntless Heads to Nintendo Switch Dauntless Heads to Nintendo Switch
Dauntless Heads to Nintendo Switch


Whether you heard it first at Nintendo Direct or are reading it here for the very first time, we’re beyond excited to say it again: Dauntless is coming to Nintendo Switch!

As lifelong Nintendo fans ourselves, we can’t wait to bring the Shattered Isles to Nintendo Switch. Soon we’ll be able to slay Shrikes on our lunch break! Or check our Hunt Pass on a flight! Not to mention that seeing our game in this year’s Nintendo booth was nothing short of magical. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to play our first-ever Nintendo Switch demo. We hope to have more to show soon!


Our upcoming Nintendo release isn’t the only news to come out of E3. We also have a new Dire Behemoth in the wings: Winterhorn Skraev.

Winterhorn Skraev on Nintendo Switch

This powerful version of the owl-like Skraev will land in Dauntless early next month. Slayers on the Epic Games store, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 can start preparing now by upgrading their frost armour and hammering up some blaze-imbued weapons. You’ll want every advantage when facing this foe.


We still have some work to do before we can announce an official release date for Nintendo Switch, but you can follow our progress on Twitter, Reddit, and the official Dauntless blog (which you’re reading right now).

And for those of you already playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation: Go take a look at the Dauntless roadmap. We’ve got some very good things coming your way.