Some Notes on Patching Some Notes on Patching
Some Notes on Patching


  • Patch cadence is changing in preparation for our console launches.

  • After this week, patches will be bi-weekly instead of weekly.

  • This will not change the amount of content you get.

  • Zero-downtime patches are here!


With our console release dates just months away, we’re in full “prepare for cross-play” mode over here at Phoenix Labs. That means constantly optimizing the world of Dauntless, testing out features for console, and revisiting some of our current practices – including the way we patch.

Starting this week, we will be moving from weekly patches to bi-weekly (every other week) patches.

This new cadence will mean more meaningful, stable patches with an extra week between them. And before you ask: It does not mean less content. You’ll continue to get new Behemoths, new features, and new challenges at the same rate you did before. Maybe even faster.


This week also marked our first zero-downtime patch!

Normally when we patch, we take our servers completely offline to update the build you play on. This means that you can’t log in or access your character until the maintenance window is over. With a zero-downtime patch, you can continue to play while we make our changes – saving you a good two or more hours of “servers are down” time with every patch.

Once we’re finished with our end of the patch, you can log out, download the updated client, and immediately jump back in.

Time Comparisons

Leveling up our zero downtime skill also means that we can hotfix certain bugs. Like the “stuck on arrival” bug we hotfixed last week. (Our first one!)

We hope to further refine this process as we go forward, delivering zero downtime whenever we can. Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates and share your feedback on the Dauntless forums. We look forward to hearing how these new patches go for you.