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State of Dauntless:
Bounty Update

A Strange Occurrence

We found an issue with our bounty system. Let’s discuss the lessons learned, and how we’re celebrating the fix in the game itself.

We originally started investigating this issue when a few developers spotted an inconsistency with the bounties they were drafting. Some were saying they were receiving a ton of blaze bounties. The funny thing was, whenever we tried looking for this bug, we’d run into dead ends. We checked the data, and everything was hooked up correctly. Testing showed that bounty drafting was working exactly as intended.


A Deeper Dive

We kept looking. Over many nights of hunting together, chatting about what we were seeing, and sharing our experiences with each other, a trend appeared: The newer team members with fresh accounts weren’t seeing as many bounties. So we kept digging.

We pulled the data, confirmed the bug was real, and honed in on the issue. As it turns out, players who were playing before 1.5.0 had unlocked many bounties through hunts. With Reforged, this unlock condition moved to the Slayers Path. Any players who started playing Dauntless after the 1.5.0 patch did not have access to those old bounties. These new players didn’t know the difference and assumed this was normal.

Long story short, we’ve combed through every bounty to make sure they’re all being granted equally, and the fix will be live in 1.7.5 on September 23. We will be monitoring the bounty pool to confirm that the issue has been properly fixed.

It’s Bonus Time

To celebrate this fix, we want to provide players with an opportunity to earn some extra rams with a complete bounty pool ⁠— that’s 162 available bounties in total. We will run three bounty bonus weekends between 1.7.5 and 1.8.0. During these Ramstravaganza Weekends, every bounty you complete will earn you 1,000 bonus rams and 1 bounty token. All bounties count, so be sure to have a full hand drafted before you go hunting! Events start and end at 10 a.m. PT.

Here is the Ramstravaganza schedule:

  • September 24 - September 27
  • October 1 - October 4
  • October 8 - October 11

Thanks as always for providing feedback. It helps us make Dauntless a better game for everyone. Now, get out there and earn some bonus rams, Slayer!