State of Dauntless:<br/>Cell Category Update State of Dauntless:<br/>Cell Category Update
State of Dauntless:
Cell Category Update

Cells and Omnicells

Cells are an integral part of builds. When placed in the slots of weapons, armour, and lanterns, cells can provide you with various advantageous perks. Cells are currently categorized into five main categories — Defense, Mobility, Power, Technique, and Utility. With our cell category update in 1.8.0, we decided to revisit these categories and recategorize some of our existing cells.

When we introduced omnicells In 1.7.0, we also removed some cells and made changes to several others. Our aim was to provide you with the opportunity to expand your combat arsenal by adopting the use of niche omnicells that would elevate your metagame. Overall, our changes have seen enthusiastic adoption so far.

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Cell Categorization

While mostly positive, the changes to cells in 1.7.0 resulted in the Technique cell category becoming overrepresented. This category contained a disproportionate number of the most popular cells selected by players. As a result, a lot of weapon and armour pieces became undesirable simply because they had a cell slot that was not helpful in making effective, powerful builds.

To address the above issue, we took a step back and decided to revisit our cell categories. We looked at the types of effects provided by every cell, and reconceptualized each of our cell categories to ensure that all categories will be viable in the metagame going forward. This recategorization also aids the future addition of viable cells in any category.

Each of the revised cell categories was developed with specific vision statements guiding their design. As part of this recategorization, eleven cells were reorganized to better reflect their conceptual fit in the new system. The cells that changed categories are highlighted in bold in their new categories below.

Cells that changed categories will not be lost. They will simply be unequipped after 1.8.0 launches, so you only need to re-equip them.

Fortitude Fortitude

(Formerly: Defense)

Vision:I want to outlast my enemies, shrugging off their attacks as I grind them to dust.

Increase your defensive measures by equipping cells that provide perks relating to health, shields, damage reduction, and immunity to status effects.

Cells: Assassin’s Vigor, Bloodless, Fireproof, Fortress, Guardian, Insulated, Nine Lives, Parasitic, Shellshock Resist, Strategist, Sturdy, Tough, Warmth, Stunning Vigour, Vampiric.

Alacrity Alacrity

(Formerly: Mobility)

Vision:I want to run circles around my enemies, avoid their attacks, and fell them with a flurry of blows.

Encompassing brisk and eager readiness, cells in this category provide perks relating to movement speed, attack speed, stamina, and dodging. We also created a new icon to better represent this category’s expansion beyond movement and stamina-based effects.

Cells: Agility, Conditioning, Endurance, Evasion, Fleet Footed, Grace, Nimble, Sprinter, Swift, Adrenaline, Evasive Fury, Assassin’s Frenzy.

Brutality Brutality

(Formerly: Power)

Vision:I want to smash my enemies, overwhelming them with brute force.

Cells in this category are a perfect choice when you want a boost to your raw damage, part damage, stagger, and also when you want to counter Behemoth states.

Cells: Aetherhunter, Deconstruction, Knockout King, Overpower, Pacifier, Rage, Ragehunter, Sharpened, Tenacious, Berserker, Bladestorm, Weighted Strikes.

Finesse Finesse

(Formerly: Technique)

Vision:I want to exploit my enemies’ weaknesses, striking with precise, devastating hits.

Refined and precise, cells in this category provide perks focussing on skillful play, critical attacks, and wounding.

Cells: Acidic, Barbed, Cunning, Merciless, Predator, Pulse, Relentless, Savagery, Galvanized.

Insight Insight

(Formerly: Utility)

Vision:I want to outfox my enemies with mastery of all the tools available to me.

Cells in this category elevate your build’s utility and are used largely for support, lanterns, omnicells, and meters.

Cells: Aetherborne, Aetheric Attunement, Cascade, Conduit, Catalyst, Energized, Engineer, Lucent, Medic, Mender, Omnisurge, Zeal, Aetheric Evasion, Molten.

The Future of Cells

With the new cell categories, we hope to increase the number of viable build options you can create. By broadening the bounds of cell categories, we hope that the wider set of effects and mechanics will increase the diversity of usable gear for all players.

In the coming weeks, we plan to launch a new omnicell, Revenant, as well as several other new cells to round out each of the above cell categories. Stay tuned for balance changes to unique effects and wound-related cells in our upcoming patches.