Dauntless Merchandise is Here!
Dauntless Merchandise is Here!

Michael walked through the hall, head held high in triumph. It was time for a gear upgrade.

Despite the warnings, his group of Slayers had risen to the challenge of taking down a Naygaza whose deadly shock-Aether powers were threatening the Shattered Isles. The battle was challenging, and harder than Michael had expected. Through sheer force of will alone, they had taken down the Behemoth and accomplished what few others had that day.

With the thrill of their victory and the cheers of his team still buzzing in his mind, he arrived at his destination. The Sanshee booth at PAX West 2017 offered many things, but he knew that there was only one shirt he wanted…

Dauntless Merchandise has Arrived!

Every slayer knows the importance of having the right gear — balancing fashion and functionality. We obsess over every last thread, ensuring that everything is stitched together just right. Only the best elevates a Slayer in a crowded Ramsgate plaza.

Today we are happy to announce that Dauntless merchandise is available worldwide after debuting Dauntless at PAX West 2017! You can click on the merch link on the Dauntless website and be taken to the Dauntless Merch Store starting now.

Delivering high quality products and the best experience is sacred to us at Phoenix Labs. That’s why we’ve partnered with Sanshee, a team who has built a reputation of putting fans first. They’ve worked on titles like Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Persona, just to name a few. We’re very excited to be working with them on Dauntless.

More Gear Coming Soon

We’re focusing on specific categories of merchandise while we get our efforts off the ground. Today shirts are available, and very soon you’ll see more products including pins and other accessories. Our goal is to develop a full range of products over the coming months, ranging from outerwear to plushies.

Check out the Dauntless Merch Store here!

New Gear Unlocked: *Dauntless* Merch