Ramsgate Reimagined Ramsgate Reimagined
Ramsgate Reimagined

Welcome to your new home.

If you participated in the “Saving Ramsgate” in-game event or read our most recent lore blog, you know what Ramsgate has been up against. Thanks to you and every Slayer who took part in our event, Arkan Drew was able to activate the Portal Driver and get everyone to safety … as our city was torn to shreds.

But now is not the time to look back on the past. Now, we look forward to the future of Ramsgate.

When we started thinking about what a new Ramsgate would look like, we knew we needed to build it in a way that made it easy to get to the areas you access the most, while simultaneously adding new areas of interest and giving each denizen of Ramsgate their own city zone with a unique personality.

The redesign of Ramsgate was a Herculean task that the team worked on for a long time, and we can’t wait for you to explore it for yourself.

Let’s take a tour around, shall we?

Ramsgate from overhead.
On an approach course to Ramsgate.

Sights and Sounds

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Ramsgate redesign is that the city now has some major verticality. We wanted to give Slayers a purposeful layout to navigate that also made sense in terms of easily locating vendors and questgivers.

You can also now use aether jets to quickly navigate the city, allowing you to spring from one point of interest to another. Just finished upgrading your hammer, and want to check your Trials standing? You’re just a few aether jet jumps away.

Additionally, Ramsgate has never sounded better. We had a ton of fun designing the different soundscapes in the city — every major area now sounds like it looks. From the industrial clangs of Wils’ forge to the swashbuckling theme of Lady Luck’s den, Ramsgate sounds more alive than ever before.

Let’s go over the main areas and activities you’ll see upon arrival in Ramsgate.

The Central Plaza

This is the main starting area of Ramsgate. Here you have access to the Bazaar, the smithy, our new tonic vendor, and your hunt board. You can travel to all the main areas of the city from this core location. Hint: The aether jets will get you where you’re going fast.

Ramsgate Racing

Challenge your friends to a race around Ramsgate! Collect every aether wisp spread across the city to finish the race and earn some bragging rights. You can access the racing podium to the left of the Bazaar.

The Bazaar

Gregario has set up shop in the new Ramsgate Bazaar. Here you can flip a ram into the fountain for your daily bonus reward, access the in-game store, check out your progress on the current Hunt Pass, and access the Vault.

Granny Strega: The Tonic Vendor

Ramsgate’s newest resident is Granny Strega. Strega is your one-stop shop for all your tonic- and pylon-crafting needs. Bosun Markus has his hands full greeting Slayers from near and far these days, so we’re giving him a much-needed alchemic break.

Granny Strega the tonic vendor
Meet Granny Strega.

The Smithy

Wils and Moyra have partnered up in the smithy to attend to your general weapon and armour needs. Make sure to say hello to Hector the turtle while you’re at it.

Guns, Fists, and Buffs

The Scarred Master, Arkan Drew, Admiral Zai, and the Middleman can all be found on the terrace above the central plaza, to the right of the smithy. From here you can navigate up to the third terrace where you’ll find Ramsgate’s pub and Kat Sorrel.

Ramsgate Outskirts

Exploring the outskirts of Ramsgate, you’ll find Dr. Priyani and Xelya, along with Lady Luck in Trials Square. Aether jets are conveniently located to get to and from the central hub quickly and easily.

Vistas and Discoveries

This update adds a number of new entries to unlock in your journal, and you can start populating it by exploring Ramsgate. Interact with special objects to learn a thing or two about Ramsgate and its denizens, and activate wide-open vista shots (Look for sparkly wisps in the air) to get a clear view of your new city.

One of many vistas to take in.

You never know what you’ll find around each corner, so make sure to poke around and see what secrets you can uncover.

You can also unlock a number of lore entries that detail the rebuilding of Ramsgate — and what you may have to face on the horizon — by working your way through the Clear Skies Hunt Pass. Access these entries in the Clear Skies section of the Collection menu.

There’s a lot to see and do in this reimagined Ramsgate, so have a look around and let us know what you think. This is only the beginning of our new journey together.