The Mastery System The Mastery System
The Mastery System


  • The Mastery system arrives on April 24th.
  • Unlock Mastery Cards and complete objectives to level up.
  • Each type of Mastery grants new rewards.
  • Earn weapon mods and specials to customize your weapon!
  • Reputation tracks will be retired.


You’ve made it to the Maelstrom. You’ve taken on some tougher battles. But how do you know when you’ve finally moved up from rookie rank to Master Slayer?

The Mastery system.

This brand-new system delivers a raft of challenges that you can take on to earn Mastery experience, raise your Mastery levels, and unlock a rich assortment of rewards. When introduced in the Path of the Slayer update (OB 0.7.1), the Mastery system will offer Mastery objectives for each Behemoth and weapon in the game.

Ready to dig in?


The Mastery system begins with Mastery Cards.

When you first reach a Behemoth or craft a new weapon, you’ll unlock a Mastery Card specific to that creature or item. Open up Mastery from the Main Menu and select a card to check out its details.


Let’s take a look at the Mastery Card for the Boreus.

Boreus Mastery Card
  1. Slayer Level. Your current Slayer Level.
  2. Behemoth Mastery. Your current Behemoth Mastery level. This measures your Mastery of all Behemoths – not just the one you’re currently viewing.
  3. Reward Preview. This is the reward you’ll receive when you reach your next Mastery level.
  4. Objectives. Completing objectives raises your overall Slayer Level and the Mastery level related to the card. Since this is a Behemoth card, making progress on it contributes to your Behemoth Mastery level.
  5. Progress (Check Box). Complete an objective to mark it as complete.
  6. Progress (Bar). Objectives that require multiple hunts or steps will have a progress bar next to them. Fill the progress bar to complete the objective and earn a check mark.
  7. Progress (Counter). Another way of measuring your objective progress.


We’ve mentioned Mastery levels a few times now, but what exactly are they? With the introduction of the Mastery system, Weaponmaster, Alchemist, and other reputation tracks will be removed and replaced by Mastery levels. These include Slayer Level, Behemoth Mastery, and Weapon Masteries (Sword Mastery, Hammer Mastery, Chain Blades Mastery, Axe Mastery, War Pike Mastery, and Repeaters Mastery). Each measure of your mastery comes with a new set of rewards specific to that mastery. Here’s the breakdown:


What is it?
A high-level measure of your Slayer’s accomplishments. Those who make it all the way to Slayer Level 50 will earn the coveted title of Master Slayer.

How do I raise my Slayer Level?
Every objective you complete in the Mastery system contributes to your Slayer Level. Slay Behemoths, craft powerful gear, and prove your skill with various weapons to climb your way to the top.

What do I get for levelling up?
Cores. Titles. Permanent gains to health and stamina. More loot from your hunts.


What is it?
Exactly what it sounds like: a measure of your Mastery over all types of Behemoths. This includes both measures of skill and physical proofs of conquest.

How do I raise my Behemoth Mastery?
Slay Behemoths. Craft and upgrade Behemoth armour. Complete Mastery objectives on Behemoth cards (e.g. “Hunt Dreadfrost Boreus in under 3 minutes”). Break Behemoth parts.

What do I get for levelling up?
Increased carry capacity for consumables. Elemental resistance bonuses. More loot when you break Behemoth parts.


What is it?
A way to measure your skill with a specific type of weapon. There are separate Mastery levels for each of the six weapon types: sword, chain blades, war pike, hammer, repeaters, and axe.

War Pike Mastery Card
The War Pike Mastery card.

How do I raise my Weapon Mastery?
Craft weapons from the category you want to improve. Wield them in hunts. Prove that you know how to use them.

What do I get for levelling up?
Weapon-specific titles (e.g. “Pikemaster”). New weapon specials. New weapon mods.

About that …


The Path of the Slayer update doesn’t just rework the way you hunt. It also refines the way you fight.

In each set of Weapon Mastery rewards, you’ll see an alternate weapon special and new weapon mods. Each of these rewards can be unlocked and equipped to customize the way you fight with that weapon. While only one of each can be equipped at a time, you’ll find plenty of ways to mix and match – especially when you start combining these new options with our ever-evolving cell system.


All weapons start out with a default special move. For the sword, it’s the Valiant Overdrive that activates when you hit ‘Q’ or ‘RB’. Slayers who raise their Weapon Mastery can add to that with a Mastery special: a second, alternative special move.

The sword's Ardent Cyclone special unleashes a devastating spin attack.

Only one special move can be equipped at a time, but adjusting them is simple. Just look under Modifications in the Loadout screen once the Path of the Slayer update has launched. (Note: The axe and repeaters specials are still in development and will launch at a later date.)


Working your way through Weapon Mastery will also unlock some weapon mods. These are an entirely new way to customize your weapon.

Weapon Modifications
Selecting a special move from the loadout.

Just like with the weapon special move, only one mod can be equipped at a time, but each one offers a unique way to tune your slaying. Let’s take a closer look by checking out the sword mods.

Icon Name Modification
bladecore Perpetual Bladecore Dealing damage while in special generates a small amount of special meter.
adhesive Adhesive Hilt Become unstaggerable while in special.
reactive Reactive Hilt Dodge attacks always critically strike.

Even just looking at these three mods, you can start to piece together some builds. And with cells in the mix, you can get even more creative.


Now that you’ve had a peek at the sword mods and specials, let’s see what you can come up with. Head over to the Dauntless forums or /r/dauntless and share your best Path of the Slayer sword build. That means one special, one mod, armour, weapon, and all of your needed cells. Oh – and don’t forget to name it. It isn’t a build without a good name.