Escalation Heats up with Scorched Earth Escalation Heats up with Scorched Earth
Escalation Heats up with Scorched Earth

Tomorrow’s Scorched Earth update is a big one, Slayers. With this patch, we’ll be opening up Blaze Escalation, unleashing a new Behemoth on the Shattered Isles, igniting a new Hunt Pass, and changing the way you play that Hunt Pass.

Let’s start with a look at Blaze Escalation.


The world of Dauntless is forever evolving, and this particular evolution brings us not only a new Escalation hunt, but new tropical and volcanic environments.

Gruk Gruks
Keep an eye out for wild gruk-gruks.

As you make your way toward the volcano at the end of this Escalation, you’ll see the lush tropics of early islands give way to more severe land, stripped bare by heat and lava. And this transformation isn’t exclusive to the islands themselves.

Behemoths warped by charged blaze aether have also appeared on the Escalation islands. If you decide to make the climb, you’ll encounter Quillshots with explosive quills, Gnashers spouting fireballs, and an especially deadly variant of Rezakiri (think lava beams).

Blaze Escalation Behemoth

Mastering encounters with these blaze-enhanced Behemoths will be key to surviving Blaze Escalation, but as with the previous Shock Escalation, you’ll also need to be strategic. That means rationing supplies, carefully considering amp choices, and making an extra effort to communicate with teammates.


Once you’ve got the approach nailed down, it’s time to head to the volcano and take on the Blaze Escalation boss: Torgadoro.


The Torgadoro is our biggest Behemoth yet, with strength to match its stature. But don’t mistake “big” for “big target” here. While it can’t take to the air like a Malkarion, a Torgadoro is more than capable of moving quickly when it needs to. Like when it wants to grab your hunting buddy and crush them into Slayer pulp.

The Blaze boss is also the first Behemoth to use its environment to its advantage. If you see it making its way to the top of the volcano — watch out.


Does a new Escalation mean new legendary weapons?

You bet.

Torgadoro Weapons
Reach the end of Blaze Escalation to unlock a new set of legendary schematics.

And in case you forgot what makes legendary weapons so legendary:

  • Two prismatic cell slots
  • Weapon bonding
  • A powerful legendary ability

Activating a Torgadoro weapon’s legendary ability will let you channel the Behemoth’s burning rage, dealing extra damage to targets under 50% health.

Activate your legendary ability to enter a damage-boosting rage mode.

New armour and amps are waiting as well! Check out the Blaze Escalation page for details:

Learn More Escalation Hunts


Blaze Escalation isn’t the only new thing dropping in the Scorched Earth update. You’ll also be getting a blazing-hot new Hunt Pass: Searing Talons.

Searing Talons Armour

Inspired by the Blaze Hawks — a faction of Slayers accustomed to the Shattered Isles’ more severe blaze biomes — this Hunt Pass delivers keeping-it-cool looks across fifty levels of Elite track.

Hunt Pass


With this Hunt Pass, we’re also expanding the ways that you can earn Hunt Pass XP, making it easier than ever to reach level 50 and the new Vault rewards that lie beyond.

What’s “the Vault”? Where’s this new XP coming from? It’s all in the Hunt Pass Prestige and XP blog:

Hunt Pass / Systems Hunt Pass Prestige Launches Alongside…


The Scorched Earth update arrives tomorrow, March 19! We’ll start patching around 10am PT.

For updates as we patch, follow @playdauntless on Twitter.