Holiday Event: Springtide Holiday Event: Springtide
Holiday Event: Springtide

In Ramsgate, the weather has started to warm, bringing Springtide cheer— and cotton-tailed pufflehops — back to the Shattered Isles. But more pufflehops also means more hungry styxians …

Event Duration

Start: March 25, 2021 at 10 a.m. PT
End: April 8, 2021 at 10 a.m. PT


Reach Milestone II on the Slayer’s Path.

Pufflehop Rescue

The pufflehops of the Shattered Isles are once again in need of your help. Take part in this limited-time event quest where you’ll gather eggs, herd pufflehops, and fight off styxians in pursuit of a high score — and carrot chips to spend with Ozz.

After completing the Pufflehop Rescue event quest for the first time, you can double the carrot chips you earn during the quest and via additional activities, by equipping the Puffletoppers helm skin or the new Ruffletoppers helm skin.

Both helm skins are now available in the store.

Carrot Chips

Here are the ways you can earn carrot chips during Springtide:

  • Complete the Pufflehop Rescue event quest (100 carrot chips, 50 chips max on subsequent attempts)
  • Complete an Escalation hunt (50 carrot chips)
  • Break a Behemoth part (10 carrot chips, 5 break parts max per Behemoth)

Springtide Rumour

Upon completing the Pufflehop Rescue event quest, the Bosun will grant you a one-of-a-kind rumour you can accept from Ozz. This rumour is available for the duration of Springtide and will earn you the Pufflepoppers repeaters skin. To complete the currency step of the rumour, you can hand in 10,000 carrot chips, or 650 platinum.

Speak with Ozz once you complete the Pufflehop Rescue quest and navigate to the event tab to purchase this rumour.

Ozz’s Shop

You can also use your hard-earned carrot chips in Ozz’s shop to liven up your Springtide look, including new additions like the Springtide Beacon curiosity or the Puffle Party transformation.

The Pufflepoppers repeaters skin
The Pufflepoppers repeaters skin

In the Store

Hop into the Dauntless store to check out seasonal items to celebrate Springtide this year. Try on the Pufflemane lantern skin, or take to the skies with the new Springtide glider.

The new Springtide glider
The new Springtide glider

Happy Springtide!