Springtide 2022:<br/>Hop On Over Springtide 2022:<br/>Hop On Over
Springtide 2022:
Hop On Over

In Brief

  • Springtide runs from March 31 to April 14.
  • The Pufflehop Rescue Mission returns with a new quest and delightful new rewards.
  • Embark on a Springtime Eggventures quest to earn an egg-citing title and crown.
  • Redeem carrot chips for Springtide rewards in Ozz’s event shop.
  • Pick up bunny-themed cosmetics and curiosities at the store.

You know Spring is in the air when adorable cotton-tailed pufflehops start making their return to the Shattered Isles! Hop on over to celebrate this cheery season with lively events and a variety of vibrant Springtide rewards.

Rescue the Pufflehops

Gather eggs, herd pufflehops, and fight off hordes of hungry styxians in a snappy limited-time mission. In addition to earning the seasonal currency of carrot chips, you’ll also be able to unlock a new rumour and quest!

The Pufflehop Rescue Mission is a matchmade event hunt.

  • To participate in the Pufflehop Rescue Mission, choose Hunt > Event > Pufflehop Rescue from the Hunt menu.
  • To get started on the Pufflehop Rescue quest, visit Markus Boehr in Ramsgate. This quest is available to you only if you have completed Slayer Path Node II.

You can participate in the Pufflehop Rescue Mission as many times as you want, but you can complete the Pufflehop Rescue quest only once.

Carrot Chips

Here are the ways you can earn carrot chips during Springtide:

  • Complete the Pufflehop Rescue Mission.
  • Complete the Pufflehop Rescue quest.
  • Break a Behemoth part – 5 break parts max per Behemoth.

Once you have completed the Pufflehop Rescue quest, equip any of the following special Springtide helm skins to double your carrot chip earning capability during Springtide:

  • Puffletoppers helm skin (2020)
  • Ruffletoppers helm skin (2021)
  • Fluffletoppers helm skin (New for 2022!)

All Springtide helm skins are currently available in the platinum store.

Crop and Chop

Complete the Pufflehop Rescue quest to unlock a new rumour for the Pufflecroppers chain blades skin.

Visit Wils Bormen to begin the rumour quest.

Egg-citing Endeavors

What is Springtide without its iconic eggs? After completing the Pufflehop Rescue quest, seek out barkeep Tressa Froller at the bar in Ramsgate to start the Springtime Eggventures quest. Complete this quest to earn an egg-citing new title and crown!

Spring Style

Spring into style with popular items from previous Springtide celebrations! Discover a selection of vintage pieces alongside fabulous new finds in both Ozz’s event store and the platinum store.

If you were not able to unlock or complete the Pufflehop Rescue quest rumour last year, you now have the chance to own the much-coveted Pufflepoppers repeaters skin, which features endearing bunny sound effects when fired.

This year’s new items include the no-nonsense Bunny Business flare, the magical Springtide Puffle transform curiosity, and the oh-so-fluffy Fluffletoppers helm skin.

Event Dates

The Springtide event runs from 10 a.m. PT on March 31 to 10 a.m. PT on April 14.

Be sure to complete the seasonal activities and redeem your carrot chips at Ozz’s shop before the event ends.

Happy Springtide, Slayer!