0.9.3: Loadouts & More 0.9.3: Loadouts & More
0.9.3: Loadouts & More

0.9.3 Arrives

This Thursday, September 5, we’ll be delivering our latest patch to Dauntless! This update includes a long-awaited update to loadouts, a crisp rework of our crafting interface, and the introduction of an unusual exotic: the Twin Suns repeaters.

For the Love of Loadouts

Have you ever …

  • Gone into a hunt with the wrong set of cells?
  • Brought a blaze grenade to a blaze patrol?
  • Run out of time to re-transmog your armour?
  • Completely forgotten to plug in a mod?

Then Slayer, this update is for you.

Our new loadout slots system lets you save and swap between up to 15 customizable loadouts, making it easier to quickly equip the gear (and hard-earned transmogs) that you need for your hunts. Each slot saves your weapon, armour, cells, mods, transmogs, and more.

Read more about saved loadouts here.

Crafting Gets Clearer

Upgrading a piece of gear should be a challenge — but not because you can’t figure out what you need. With this update, we’ve spelled out the exact ingredients for each first-time craft and subsequent upgrade, as well as where to get them. You may also notice two highly-requested additions to the gear list on the left: item levels and cell slot types. These new indicators should make it easier to get a quick read on your gear collection and choose what to craft next.

New Crafting UI
Kindly ignore the testing numbers. We don't actually have that many arcstones.

We’ve also gone a step further and updated the way that we show certain item states. A piece of gear that’s ready to upgrade now has up-facing arrows behind it:

Upgrade Available
Ready to upgrade!

While an item that requires more materials or Mastery will display a dark, “inactive” background:

Upgrade Requirements Not Met
Not ready to upgrade.

Finally, if you get your gear all the way to 15, you’ll see it marked with a triumphant gold star:

Max Level
A perfect piece of gear.

Exotic Wares

You’ve matched stares with The Hunger. You’ve felt the heat of Molten Edict. Now, witness the power of the Twin Suns repeaters.

Twin Suns

Our first-ever set of exotic repeaters turns up the boom with a new kind of ammo: mag bombs. These strategic explosives cling to a Behemoth and can be detonated en masse for a huge burst of damage. Load them up, pull the trigger, and watch the damage numbers pile up.


Farming for exotic blueprints isn’t every Slayer’s cup of tea, so we decided to try something different with the Twin Suns repeaters. Starting with our update to 0.9.3, you’ll be able to acquire this new exotic from Lady Luck’s shop, The Lucky Break. Like other crafted weapons, they’ll start at Level 1 and can be upgraded all the way to Level 15. Also like other weapons, upgrades will be limited by the materials you currently have access to. (Translation: The Twin Suns are not a magic bullet. Even if they do, in a way, fire magic bullets.)

Slayers can pick up the Twin Suns exotic repeaters for 1,000 Steel Marks.

Where’s Zai?

Admiral Janek Zai, the Ostian gunsmith, has finally set up a formal forge! Look for him in the smithies’ square across from Moyra and Wils.