Charting the Frontier
Charting the Frontier


A year ago we embarked on an exciting new journey with you: the Dauntless Closed Beta. It has been an exhilarating experience, one that has inspired all of us at Phoenix Labs. In that year, the world of Dauntless has grown beyond our wildest imagination (and occasionally server capacity).

We often talk about the future of Dauntless and what’s on the horizon, but it’s also important to take time and reflect on all that we, including the community, have accomplished together. At Phoenix Labs, we believe in iterative and collaborative game development. The Shattered Isles is a living world and will continue to expand for years to come, with your help.

In the last year, your feedback has been instrumental in helping us prioritize and develop new features and gameplay. We’ve restructured progression and introduced the Maelstrom, removed lootboxes in favour of a more player-focused store, and debuted ranged combat with the War Pike and soon-to-be Ostian Repeaters. All because of collaboration with Slayers like you.

And we’re just getting started. Open Beta has been tremendous, but like all things it is just another step in the journey. The Coming Storm has arrived, Dark Harvest looms, and something even more menacing beckons beyond the horizon.

From everyone here at Phoenix Labs, THANK YOU for joining us. Together, we will forge a legend.

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