Release: 1.0.1 Release: 1.0.1
Release: 1.0.1

1.0.1 introduces the option to uncap FPS on PC, tunes up the aether strikers, and crushes a number of bugs.


  • Uncapped frame rate. PC players can now manually adjust their frame rate cap. Go to Options > Video to set your FPS to 30, 60 (default), 90, 120, 144, or uncapped.
PC Options
  • Know who you’re supporting. Clicking the Support a Creator button in the in-game store will now show you which Creator you’re currently supporting.


  • Improved performance on grenade AoE explosions, resulting in reduced resource demand and smoother animation.


  • Tuning. This is our first tuning pass on the aether strikers, so we’d love to hear your thoughts! We will continue to refine and balance this weapon in future patches.

    • Karma Breaker (technique) damage over time total damage reduced to 2100 over 35 (down from 2800 over 35).

    • Titan Crash (technique) primary target damage reduced to 600 (from 800).

  • The aether strikers’ Karma Breaker (technique) will no longer be blocked if another player gets in the way.

  • Aether striker users can now execute techniques (e.g. Adamant Bolt, Titan Crash) during a combo; they no longer have to wait until the end. As part of this change, we also fixed a bug where attempting to activate a technique early on in a combo chain would incorrectly cause Surge to activate instead.

  • Titan Crash (technique) can now be used on non-Behemoth objects (e.g. Boreus minions, Stormclaw Fences, etc.).

  • Fixed a bug that caused some striker parts to display as “poor” quality items.

  • Pangar’s Punishers and Skarn’s Smashers now have the correct perk: Knockout King. This replaces the incorrect perk (Weighted Strikes) that was previously assigned to these weapons.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Surge to activate incorrectly when following a technique (e.g. Karma Breaker) if the technique button was held for too long.

  • Aether striker mods and their descriptions should now show the correct translation in non-English language environments.


  • Fixed a bug where repeaters could play the wrong elemental audio after swapping loadouts.

  • Fixed a bug where making loadout changes in the airship lobby could prevent repeaters from becoming empowered.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause repeater attacks and abilities to fail after climbing or rolling.


  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in place after dropping into a hunt.

  • Fixed a bug where Mastery objectives could fail to complete, forcing players to repeat those objectives’ requirements.

  • Tempestborne Stormclaw will no longer go invisible after using its teleport attack.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented party text chat from working in the city.

  • Slayers’ backs should no longer clip through the Seeker’s Tunic. Scapulae: contained.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the “A Slayer has abandoned the hunt” message to display after returning to Ramsgate.

  • Restored some missing map textures to Sovereign’s Throne (island).

  • Fixed a few discrepancies between Bounty Card descriptions and their actual completion requirements.

  • The hair tint reward on level 40 of the Hunt Pass will now display the correct icon.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Slayers to fall through the map on Iron Falls (island).

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to miss the Bounty system introduction quest.

  • Removed a Middleman confirmation screen that incorrectly referenced platinum.


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