Release: OB 0.6.10 Release: OB 0.6.10
Release: OB 0.6.10

OB 0.6.10 introduces the Flight of Ruin axe special, increases the aetherdust cap to 2,000, enables 'one press' gathering, and a whole lot more. Read the notes!


  • Flight of Ruin
    • Axe’s “Great Axe Special” has been replaced by Flight of Ruin.
    • To perform Flight of Ruin, press (default) Q/RB. Using Flight of Ruin will incur a cooldown. Flight of Ruin can be used any time it’s off cooldown, regardless of current meter.
    • Flight of Ruin throws the axe a far distance, damaging Behemoths while traveling. Upon reaching a max distance, the axe will return to the Slayer (damaging Behemoths while it returns as well).
    • Flight of Ruin may be reactivated at any point of the throw to instantly recall the axe and perform a powerful overhead strike.
    • If the Slayer is not at full meter, dealing damage with the recall attack will generate meter.
    • If the Slayer is at full meter, dealing damage with the recall attack will grant a stack of Determination - increasing all damage by the Slayer.
    • When at full meter, Flight of Ruin’s recall attack will deal bonus damage, increasing further with each stack of Determination.
  • Meter Changes
    • Axe charge attacks now increase meter gain from subsequent attacks additively, instead of overwriting the previous charge value. The more charging you do, the more meter you’ll gain from attacks in that combo.
    • Charge values have been adjusted to match this and account for Flight of Ruin’s meter gain.


  • Extended the combo input window for swords. Slayers should be able to more reliably input and chain combos.

  • Increased the speed at which sword users are able to transition from the end of combos to the start of new combos.

  • Rebalanced all combo damage. Damage from a full secondary combo is now closer to damage from a full primary combo, and crossover combo damage has been boosted.

  • Reduced damage (slightly) on all attacks to balance out the combo speed increase.

  • Reduced damage (slightly) on heavy attack slicers while in Overdrive.


  • Raised the inventory cap on aetherdust from 200 to 2,000. How can I hold all this dust?

  • Fixed a bug where Iceborne cells could not be obtained from cores. The Middleman has also added an Iceborne cell to this week’s cell rotation.

  • Fixed a bug in sword Overdrive mode where dodge attacks would not perform a special attack slice.

  • Slayers will no longer see rams while out on hunts. You can still visit them in Ramsgate. It’s almost like it’s safer there.

  • Fixed a bug that caused transmogged weapons to display the texture from the original weapon.

  • Slayers can now collect wild plants and mushrooms with a single button press! No more holding down the E key (or gamepad equivalent). My fingers are so nimble!

  • Hunt Pass gatherables (e.g. aethersprouts, red roses) can now also be gathered with a single button press. Like, unbelievably nimble.

  • Gathering wild plants and mushrooms will no longer slow your movement. NIIIIIIIIMBLE!

  • Made the airship display of Behemoth strengths and weaknesses much easier to understand.

  • Heroic Valomyr will now correctly spawn satellites when entering an enraged state.

  • Fixed a bug where Shrowd clones could have elemental status effects inflicted on them when they first spawned.

  • Gamepad users can now open cores without reaching for a mouse.

  • Polished up the Valomyr’s rage exit animation.

  • Reduced loading times when transitioning to and from Ramsgate.

  • Improved overall performance in Ramsgate.

  • Fixed a bug where cell names could extend beyond the crafting UI.

  • Quests with multiple, optional objectives (e.g. “Complete one of the following two tasks”) now make it clear that only some objectives need to be completed.

  • Cleaned up a few remaining mentions of “notes.” Rams are the wave of the future!

  • Fixed a bug where the Boreus could awkwardly reposition when enraged.

  • Fixed a bug where the Boreus’ ground stomps might not deal damage.

  • Attempting to purchase a cell slot without adequate platinum will now display the correct message.

  • Polished up the Middleman’s menus a little more.

  • Fixed a bug where the recovery animation would sometimes play twice after falling off an island.

  • Players can now rotate their Slayer in the loadout screen! Right click and drag (or use the right stick on gamepads) to admire your gear from every angle. Look! I have calves!

  • Fixed a bug that could cause black squares to appear over party members’ sigil icons (Main Menu) and empty member slots to look broken.

  • Added input indicators to allow gamepad users to more easily navigate the end-of-hunt survey.

  • Players opening the combo list with a gamepad will now see a thumbstick instead of a directional key (if one of the combos requires directional input).

  • All crafting menu items can now be selected with a gamepad. Letting go of the button will cancel crafting.

  • The cave behind Ramsgate has been unblocked. Cool Cave Club meetings have resumed.

  • Fixed a bug where the third hit in the axe’s Vertical Ripper combo would not deal damage if the player spammed the attack button.

  • Improved game performance near gatherables.

  • Fixed a bug where the camera could get stuck near the player if they were interrupted while using the hammer blast dodge.

  • Fixed a bug where switching between tabs in the weaponsmith menu could cause the incorrect weapon model to display.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could find themselves glued to the ground when loading into Ramsgate or dropping into a hunt.

  • The loadout screen has some nice new audio! Turn up your volume next time you’re changing gear.

  • Fixed a bug where voluntarily resetting your progression could remove lantern skins you earned through the Hunt Pass. These items are now correctly account bound.

  • Added status effect text for Shocked and Shellshocked.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Wounded debuff to appear at the start of a hunt if a Slayer was wearing wound immunity gear.

  • Fixed a bug that caused water on islands to look a bit green. It should now be a healthy shade of blue.

  • Fixed a bug that caused repeaters VFX to display under players’ feet instead of on the actual weapon.

  • Gregario’s stall now correctly reflects the current contents of the Hunt Pass. Stop by for a look at some of this season’s Overgrowth rewards!

  • The Wildland Flute emote’s song will now be more audible to people standing near the flute player. Slayers who leave the audio range of the flute can now return to the range to hear it again. (The song no longer cuts out permanently after stepping out of range.)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Wildland Flute to get stuck on a character after previewing it in the emote screen.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause audio to overlap or get stuck when crafting.

  • Fixed a bug where players could control two windows at once in the loadout UI. Players will now only be able to scroll with the scroll wheel.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause placeholder text to show up when first visiting the armoursmith.

  • Fixed a bug where the crafting UI wouldn’t update after upgrading or crafting an item. Available crafting components and requirements should now display as intended.

  • Aethersmith description text should no longer be extremely small.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Slayer names to appear offset or indented in menus. Name placement should now be consistent across all screens.

  • Fixed a bug where banners could display the wrong default dye.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong directional animation to play when blast dodging with the hammer.

  • Boreus’ stalker minions should now correctly animate when spawning, instead of just … appearing.

  • Gamepad rumble will now play more reliably when a player hits a Behemoth.

  • Gamepad rumble will no longer trigger if a player in your party takes damage.

  • Added some UI vibrations to menu navigation.

  • Players can now enable or disable gamepad vibration in the Options menu.

  • Fixed a bug where the Boreus’ armour pieces would play strange metallic sounds.

  • Added in a previously missing sound effect for the Rezakiri’s tail swipe attack.


  • Increased the amount of time it takes a Behemoth to flee, giving Slayers a chance to end the fight sooner. If the Behemoth does succeed in fleeing, it will regain 20% of its health. These changes should save Slayers the headache of chasing down a Behemoth, only to have it die in a few hits. Thank you for your feedback on this one!

  • Cunning is now based on a chance to critically strike and will no longer deal double damage. Critical Strikes now have a special treatment on their damage text.

  • Cunning’s Critical Strike has been increased to 2% / 4% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15% (up from 1% / 2% / 3% / 5% / 7% / 10%).


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