Release: OB 0.5.7 Release: OB 0.5.7
Release: OB 0.5.7

The islands of the Maelstrom have stilled, Ostian trade is on the rise, and a new, ranged weapon has appeared in Ramsgate.PEW PEW PEW


  • New Weapon: Ostian Repeaters
    Ostian supply lines have been established, allowing for the regular delivery of repeater parts to Ramsgate. Look for Admiral Janek Zai near the Ironclad to get hands-on with this new ranged weapon. Shoot ‘em on sight.

  • The “rotating” islands of the Maelstrom have ceased to rotate and established themselves just outside of the storm, allowing access to all Dire Behemoth islands at all times. (No more bi-weekly rotations.)

  • Koshai’s influence seems to be weakening. Thornbound Behemoths have shed their vines and returned to normal. … For now.


  • War pike users will no longer sidestep if they press a direction when performing a combo. This feature was supposed to allow for quick strafing, but actually just made aiming more difficult. In conjunction with the removal of the sidestep, we’ve improved the reliability of the pivots for primary attacks. This should result in more predictable attack aiming when shifting mid-combo.

  • The war pike’s secondary attack now deals cutting damage instead of piercing damage, allowing it to sever tails and parts. War pike attacks will also deal more damage across the board.

  • War pike users can now dodge cancel out when midway through the Aether Harvester combo finisher.

  • Hellion’s scales have undergone a complete rework to make it easier to see their aetheric charge.

  • Tightened up some screws on Gnasher, Pangar, and Hellion. They should no longer become unresponsive punching bags when a Slayer stops moving.

  • Players will now see their banner icon on the HUD and their party members’ icons in the escape menu.

  • The cell exchange screen will now tell players how many more notes they need in order to exchange a +3 cell when they don’t have enough.

  • Slayers are now able to quickly cancel out of emotes by using an input. This should help prevent death by unintended boogying Dance. Dance ‘til you’re DEAD!

  • Made aether wisps fancier and easier to see!

  • Updated the Aetheric Crownplate description, correctly identifying it as a head break part.

  • Did some assorted cleanup and fixes on Sovereign’s Throne. Reworked the aether jet so that Slayers won’t accidentally roll onto the next platform and fall off the map.

  • Added burrowing VFX for Behemoths that dig into the ground when fleeing.

  • Optimized and increased performance on screens like the weapon combo sheet. This should help reduce stuttering and decreased performance when opening these for the first time.

  • Improved the “player down” sound effect cue so that it’s more obvious when a player is knocked out.

  • Replaced the object selection sound (“tick”) with a more pleasing sound effect.

  • Made the keybind menu interface clearer and easier to understand.

  • Nameplates were difficult to read in certain environments. They are now clearer.

  • The fact that revives are disabled at 100% Danger is now much more obvious.

  • Petting one of Ramsgate’s good dogs now triggers a special sound effect. No, it’s not the squeal of joy currently issuing from your skull.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Godhand special attack from showing damage numbers when attacking the Rezakiri Prism Prison.

  • Fixed a bug which could cause Slayers to enter a permanently broken state if they used their lantern abilities as they were being downed.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers to get pushed through Stormclaw’s electric fence if they were too close to the Behemoth.

  • Smoothed out a couple of ledges that Slayers were getting stuck on. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

  • Frost status effects on Behemoths should now expire as intended.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Slayers to abandon their attacks in favour of sipping from aether vents.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers could jump and plant their banners at the same time. This should help prevent any sideways banner weirdness.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from saving or exiting the character creator.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause tree stumps to sway out of the ground if they were affected by the wind.

  • Cleaned up some typos and confusing quest text.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to get loaded into a server in an incorrect region when matchmaking.


  • Slayers are unable to customize their repeaters when in the airship.

  • There is a chance that the barrel will detach from the rest of the repeater when in Ramsgate.

  • Damage on Area of Effect abilities (eg. hammer blast, chain blades back-flip) do not scale with percent damage bonuses.

  • Behemoths may occasionally walk or move in irregular patterns. Fix this by slaying them.

  • All other currently known issues can be found on the forums.

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