Release: OB 0.5.1 Release: OB 0.5.1
Release: OB 0.5.1

OB 0.5.1 keeps the storm going strong with Charrogg exotics, a new Koshai lantern, and a stack of Behemoth balancing tweaks.

Weapons, Armours, and Supplies

  • Slayers are now able to craft and use Charrogg exotics if they own the blueprint. The blueprints drop from Heroic Firebrand and Heroic patrols.

  • Slayers can now harness the power of the Sovereign by unlocking and crafting a Koshai lantern.

  • We’ve been working hard to find a good balance for chain blades. We want them to deal with vines more effectively and deal slightly more ranged damage, but the tuning changes we made in our previous update overshot the mark. This patch corrects that overtuning and narrows in on more ideal values. We will be continuing to work and iterate on this.
    • Chain fling combo deals 50% less damage than they did in the Coming Storm (50% more than before the Coming Storm).
    • Swinging blades combo finisher deals 33% less damage and hits 33% less than in the Coming Storm (50% more than before the Coming Storm).
  • Reverted the up-front and sprinting stamina cost for the war pike charge attack to where it was before The Coming Storm.

  • Reverted the stamina cost of the war pike “hundred hand slap” to its previous value. This corrects the stamina cost increase that was accidentally introduced in the last patch.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the war pike charge attack to double hit.

  • Grenade damage now scales based on equipped weapon power. This means that grenades will now deal greater damage when you equip Maelstrom or Heroic Maelstrom weapons.

  • Grenades now deal damage to the Behemoth parts closest to the explosion, rather than all parts in the area. This should allow for better targeting of parts, improve damage numbers, and reduce number spam.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent chain blades from doing damage to vines and Koshai at the end of combos.

  • Predator cells can now be found by cracking cores!

  • Behemoth lanterns have been given unique looks based on the Behemoths that they’re crafted from. Form, meet function.

  • Barrage and coldsnap grenades’ cluster logic has been improved, resulting in increased chance for cluster damage on direct hits.

  • Stride of Thorns will now correctly give an additional Evasive Fury bonus when upgraded to +6.

  • Inferno and coldsnap grenades now cost one (1) Omnistone and two (2) Slayer’s Boon instead of one (1) Omnistone and three (3) Wrathwort.

  • Fixed multiple bugs that caused armour pieces to clip into one another.

  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly caused the entire lantern to glow, rather than just the aether inside.


  • Koshai
    • Vines now spawn more reliably during Koshai’s stomp attack.
    • Koshai’s claw swipe attack no longer hits players on the wrong side of its body.
    • Koshai can now damage Slayers when diving underground.
    • Hail of Thorns pods will now properly stun Slayers on hit.
    • Koshai no longer leaves its aether state after fleeing, giving Slayers more time to target its antlers.
    • Reduced the damage and knockback on Koshai’s head during the claw swipe attack.
    • Improved targeting on Koshai’s tail whip thorn projectile attack.
    • Improved aether state visuals for Koshai’s limbs.
    • Added new animations for Koshai’s shock stagger reaction.
    • Koshai’s small thorn patch won’t spawn as much at the same time. This should prevent too many from appearing at once and overwhelming players.
  • Drask
    • Drask has received some balance improvements to make it a better fit for its place in progression.
    • Lightning breath attacks can now be outrun or juked.
    • Lengthened the telegraph on 180° tail swipes.
    • Greatly lengthened and clarified the telegraph on 360° tail swipe.
  • Hellion/Pangar
    • Improved the hitbox on the sidegore attack and slowed down the windup to give players more of a chance to react.
    • Improved the hitbox on the tail swing attack and reduced the damage done by the backswing.
    • Reduced the accuracy of Hellion’s unburrow attack. 360 no scope: nerfed.
  • Stormclaw
    • Lightning storm attack no longer requires a perfect dodge; speedy Slayers can outrun it. Thunder rolls and lightning strike down.
  • Stormclaw, Hellion, and Kharabak have had their power reduced slightly, making them less of a hard stop for players and more of a “learning challenge.” Pain is the best teacher.

  • Behemoths will now enter combat more quickly if they are threatened.

  • Bloodfire Embermane will now stay down for longer after being interrupted.

  • Fixed a bug where Skarn sometimes failed to aggro or deaggro when hit with grenades.

Quality of Life

  • Improved the way that banner cloths unfurl and react to the wind. They should now get stuck on themselves less frequently. Let your freak flag fly.

  • Percentage-based damage increase buffs (e.g. frenzy tonic, inspiring pylons) will now properly increase the damage of weapon special attacks.

  • Players using grenades will look more natural and less stiff while walking around and aiming grenades.

  • Chain blades can now pull through vines to the pod to allow Slayers to focus the pod and move through vines more easily. They will also now properly backflip off of pods instead of off vine patches.

  • Improved the appearance and quality of Koshai’s vines.

  • The whip vines spawned from Koshai’s “Hail of Thorns” attack will no longer stop Slayers from entering Tragic Echo. The damage radius for Hail of Thorns has also been increased to better match the attack’s new visuals.

  • Players’ cameras should no longer get stuck if they were staggered while aiming a grenade.

  • Improved CPU performance on the Sovereign’s Throne.

  • There are new offerings in the store! Stylish Slayers can now style themselves with all the latest Ostian fashions.

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to automatically unsheathe their weapon after every non-combat action (harvesting ore, climbing rocks, etc).

  • Fixed a couple of areas in Ramsgate where players could get stuck.


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