Release: OB 0.6.1 Release: OB 0.6.1
Release: OB 0.6.1

OB 0.6.1 celebrates the Frostfall spirit with improved readability across Dauntless, improvements to the character creator, and a cornucopia of quality of life improvements.


  • Damage text and number legibility. The numbers that fly out of Behemoths are now clearer and easier to read. Get those digits.

  • Character creator improvements. The character creator has been updated with improved tuning and new asymmetry sliders! Interact with the mirror near Gregario to try them out. This is the first step in an ongoing process to improve character customization, so let us know what you think.


  • Slayers will no longer appear bald when choosing to hide their helmet. What’s wrong with being bald?!

  • Fixed a bug that caused Kharabak’s swarm to be invisible and linger after it should have concluded

  • Players can now skip ahead to any level in the Hunt Pass, instead of advancing one level at a time. My clicking finger can … finally … … rest …

  • Saboteur Grip (Repeaters)

    • Saboteur Grip’s mine now explodes when thrown into a Behemoth or when touched by the Behemoth before armed. The Mine will decreased damage before it’s arming period completes.

    • The mine will do bonus damage if it finishes arming before detonation.

    • The mine has also been updated to affect more Behemoth part targets, fixing an issue where the empowered version could fail to interrupt.

  • Empowered state colours in the repeater HUD have been updated to match those in the ability bar. (They should no longer be green.)

  • Buttons in the repeater HUD will now accurately reflect the player’s keybindings.

  • Reworked Dauntless’ first four hunts to make them more informative and helpful to new players. As part of these new action tutorials, the Recruit’s Lantern has received a 50 health shield ability to help teach Slayers about tap and hold lantern abilities.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some of Skarn and Rockfall Skarn’s attacks from doing damage to Slayers while it was in an enraged state.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause gamepad users to lose focus after interacting with the Journal, Help Menu or using the “Help, I’m Stuck!” option.

  • Made the Claim Rewards button in the Hunt Pass more responsive.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Valomyr to not show its teleport VFX when teleporting.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause frostflowers (Frostfall Hunt Pass gatherables) to partially and incorrectly reset. As a result of this, any Slayers who collect 10 frostflowers tomorrow prior to the patch, will be able to collect 10 more after the update!

  • Valomyr will no longer teleport to the same location it was already standing in.

  • Valomyr’s satellites will now correctly target Slayers at all ranges.

  • Slayers affected by more than six buffs will now be able to see all buff icons. (They will no longer be incorrectly hidden.)

  • The Hunger’s special meter will no longer be drained by Umbral Corruption.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Valomyr to retain its horn hitbox even after the horn was severed. Ghost appendages have been exorcised.

  • Valomyr’s heal-over-time buff icon will now correctly disappear if a Slayer is downed while it is active.

  • Improved the readability of nameplates and on-screen text (e.g. “Behemoth Slain”).

  • Fixed a bunch of art and visual bugs in Ramsgate.

  • Valomyr VFX

    • Added a new interrupt animation to Valomyr’s aether charge cycle.

    • Added a new rage exit animation for Valomyr.

    • Added a new tail break animation for Valomyr.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause weather to behave strangely when a cinematic was playing.

  • Fixed a spot in Sadrian’s Rose where Slayers could get stuck after falling off a cliff.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Hunt Pass to show the incorrect level when viewing previously-obtained rewards.

  • The Hunt Pass screen will now show the rarest reward first when a level has more rewards than can fit on a single panel.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Heroic Valomyr from counting towards the Blinded By The Light daily challenge.


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