Release: OB 0.4.2 Release: OB 0.4.2
Release: OB 0.4.2

OB 0.4.2 is a quality of life improvement patch deployed to resolve bugs that have been affecting players.

Bug Fixes

  • Slayers in the lobby will now probably have their hair and titles properly displayed. I’m not just the president of Hair Club for Men, I’m also a client!

  • Greatly decreased loading times when opening/closing the in-game store. In tandem with this change, we have also adjusted the store rotation timing to allow more Slayers the chance to grab the items.

  • Reputation tracks will now show the correct amount of XP needed to level up. Behold my expertise.

  • Lowered the default volume of the Phoenix Labs logo that pops up on launch. Un-RIP headphones users.

  • Improved functionality and fixed multiple bugs related to button mapping. Rebound controls will no longer disappear from control guides and Slayers are now able to change which controls bring up the guides.

  • Slayers will now have a fancy spotlight shining on them in the airship lobby. Work it girl, give a twirl!

  • Fixed a bug where controllers were unable to scroll down all the way in crafting menus.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers appeared to craft supplies multiple times despite not having the materials.

  • Fixed a bug where the axe combo screen showed incorrect inputs.

  • Fixed multiple typos and removed unnecessary quest text.


  • Players can sometimes get into a bad state if inviting each other at the same time. We are working on a systemic fix for this but in the meantime this can be temporarily resolved by opening your Gameplay settings in the Options menu, toggling to block all party invites, and then changing back to your original invite settings.

  • If you get stuck anywhere while in Ramsgate or out on a hunt: Open the escape menu, go to the Help section in the top right, and then press “Help, I’m Stuck!” This will set you back to your last known good location and give us additional information about where players are getting trapped.

  • Exotics may interact with each other in unintended and exotic ways. We are working on making these play nicer!

  • We are aware that some users are getting disconnected after every hunt and we are investigating the cause.

  • Slayer body types may not correctly display in airship lobbies.

  • Razorwing Kharabak icons may not show up for its weapons or armour.

  • Behemoths may occasionally walk in irregular patterns. Fix this by slaying them. We’re serious. If they do this, slay them.

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