Release: CB 0.3.7 Release: CB 0.3.7
Release: CB 0.3.7

Evolving Wilds shows that the Shattered Isles are an ever-changing place where Behemoths are constantly adapting to the challenges brought by the Slayers of Ramsgate. If Slayers want to continue to drive them back, they will need to use every tool at their disposal and learn new, punishing attacks. In order to combat the new onslaught from Shrike, Skraev, and Moonreaver, Slayers will have Behemoth-specific war pikes, powerful and repeatable axe attacks, and all new ways to explore and adventure when visiting the Shattered Isles.

Coming with Evolving Wilds is an Unreal Engine upgrade and some backend changes that will allow us to add new features and more quickly iterate in the future. This may bring with it some unforeseen bugs, but we are committed to identifying and fixing them as quickly as possible.

Sharpen Your Axe

New axe attacks and combos

High stakes axe users will now have multiple new combos at their disposal that end with punishing, repeatable attacks. If they are brave enough to go for tier three charges, they will now gain Resolve, which allows them to power through any damage or interruptions and deal a mighty blow. Read about all the specific changes here.

Hooting Intensifies

Shrike and Moonreaver updates and improvements

Shrike and Moonreaver are the first Behemoths to receive reworks. We have overhauled their behaviours and attacks in an effort to make them less predictable and punishing, and more exciting and effervescent. There are more Behemoth reworks coming to the Shattered Isles, so be sure to let us know what you think about the changes so far!


More ways to Slay

Adding Warpikes for all current Behemoths

Enhance your arsenal with the new addition of warpikes for every Behemoth in Dauntless. With the addition of these, we will have officially replaced all placeholder weapons and armours! Slayers will now have many more weapon choices as they take on more challenging Behemoths that stalk the Shattered Isles.


Started off on the island

New island gameplay

Exploring the Shattered Isles will feel brand new. Use aether vents and improved traversal to explore areas unvisited by any Slayer. Read more about the changes to island gameplay here.

Aether Vent

Patch Notes

Weapons and Armour

  • The axe has been revamped and will now have multiple new combos and combo variations to use.
  • Axe players will now gain Resolve when unleashing a tier three charged axe hit on every charge except for the moving axe charge. Unleashing a special attack will also grant Resolve from the moment the attack starts. This will allow them to power through any damage and complete the attack.
  • Axe users will travel a little further at the beginning of the secondary attack to allow Slayers to more easily and reliably string together combos.
  • Added new war pikes for all current Behemoths.
  • War pikes will now animate and open up as they fire their special attack.
  • Players can now upgrade Gnasher, Shrike, and Quillshot weapons and armor into Ragetail, Moonreaver, and Deadeye gear. This will transfer all cells and dyes to new items.
  • War Pike users will be able to perform dodge attacks more easily and reliably.
  • Horizontal hammer attacks can now hit multiple times if Slayers are able to get close enough to the Behemoth.
  • Players will see a bonus visual effect play when they get a level 3 charge on the axe to let them know their Resolve is ready.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused hammer reload and blasts to not work consistently. This will also have fixed some other combat and movement aspects that may not have been working reliably.
  • Fixed bugs where lantern visual and audio effects sometimes didn’t play.


  • Shrike, Skraev, and Moonreaver have been reworked and will have multiple new attacks and combinations they can use.
  • Shrike’s windcutter attack will now be more accurate and will continue moving through players that it hits.
  • When enraged, Shrike’s windcutter is slightly more damaging, travels faster, and has a wider range than the regular attack.
  • Players can now get knocked back and take damage from Shrike/Skraev’s rage entry animation.
  • Players can now target Shrike, Skraev, and Moonreaver Shrike’s tails for additional part breaks.
  • Skraev’s jumpslam attack now has the ability to freeze players who get hit by it. Frostyyyy.
  • Moonreaver Shrike’s jumpslam will target players less aggressively, no longer inflicts bleed status, but will have a wider damage range on the impact.
  • Updated damage visibility on Behemoths to more easily show when they are wounded and scarred.
  • Ragetail Gnasher has a new look to better differentiate it from regular Gnasher.
  • Improved visual appearance of Charrogg’s exposed effects on it’s flame sacs.
  • Reduced the size of Skarn’s body hitbox to be more accurate to the model. This will reduce the chance for accidental hits to body when targeting limbs.
  • Behemoths should no longer foot slide as they begin to charge the player.
  • Rogue Embermane has undergone some grooming and has become orange instead of blue. *Wonder what the reasoning for this could be… *🤔
  • Slight damage tuning for Kharabak, this leads to reduced damage on the scissorcut and blade toss attacks.
  • Embermane’s arc flame projectile will spawn at a more consistent height and follow the ground a little tighter.
  • Reduced size of Charrogg’s tail slam area of effect damage to better match visuals.
  • Players are now able to interrupt Quillshot’s rage entrance.
  • Added new custom music for Rezakiri. Na na na na na na.
  • Stormclaw’s ball lightning attack will now spawn at a more consistent height in order to better let players reflect it.
  • Fixed a bug that potentially caused Charrogg’s flame ring to repeatedly hit and stun players.
  • Fixed a bug to help reduce frequency of players getting stuck in Quillshot during it’s swipe attack.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some Behemoth heads to require an incorrect amount of damage before breaking.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rezakiri’s backhand attack to not deal damage from it’s claw.

Quality of Life

  • Upgraded Unreal Engine version to 4.17, this will better allow us to iterate on features and eliminate some engine related bugs that have been sticking around. Also included with this is a massive increase in both server and client performance and a reduction in the number of crashes that players will experience.
  • Projectiles now have much more accurate hit detection. Nonreg begone!
  • Reworked wounded status so that it now causes more damage to Slayer and if they use up all their stamina, they will take a chunk of damage. This can be cleared by waiting out the duration or by remaining stationary for 6 seconds.
  • Replaced all placeholders status effect icons with stylish new ones.
  • Improved the dynamic music system to better transition between songs and play the same tune less frequently.
  • Replaced and improved the marker showing when you can and cannot revive Slayers that have been downed.
  • Added new audio effects to better inform a player when they take damage.
  • Reworked the health and stamina bars to remove placeholder assets.
  • Reorganized the HUD for the sword and chain blades to be less complicated and easier to read. Axe, hammer, and war pike will be coming in a future patch.
  • Updated Wwise audio engine which will improve audio performance and make future updates easier.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to enter gamepad input mode by bumping a controller or having some other minor motion happen to it.

Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles

  • Added an all new tutorial flow that will more easily guide new Slayers through the beginning of the game and teach them more about their abilities and features of Dauntless.
  • The Bosun has received a makeover and is now 23.4% more handsome.
  • Reworked and improved the layout of Ramsgate to improve navigation flow.
  • Updated and increased rewards for all hunts and improved the amount of archonite/notes that are given the first time a daily/weekly is run.
  • Added new traversal vents on islands to allow players to get around and explore quicker.
  • Reworked numerous rocks to allow players to climb more cliff edges. PARKOUR!
  • Improved ambience sounds and music throughout Ramsgate
  • Added new 11 new songs to Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles. All the way up to 11!
  • Players should no longer be able to get stuck on ledges eternally when falling off the island.
  • Resolved miscellaneous collision bugs in Ramsgate.


  • Updated and improved formatting for in-game credits.
  • Improved the look of airships in Ramsgate to make them look more sleek.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to Airship Ready Room to improve usability and functionality.
  • Renamed the Borrowed armour set to the Recruit’s armour set to better fit the tutorial flow for new players.
  • Fixed multiple bugs that occasionally prevented players from being able to infuse cells. Infusion may now resume.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weekly hunts to stop showing up.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that related to UI focus having problems when opening menus or transitioning to different screens.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused players to get stuck in a flying state.
  • Fixed a bug that could caused players to get into a bad state if they moved when they were dropping into a hunt.
  • Improved and increased consistency for players ‘readying up’ in the Airship Ready Room.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to crab walk when walking on ice. Crab people, crab people. We look like crabs but we talk like people.
  • Fixed assorted audio bugs that caused sound effects to seem as if they were coming from the wrong location.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to get stuck in running animation when sprinting and unsheathing their weapon by pressing and releasing the primary attack.

Known Issues

  • Slayers will be unable to back out of the weapon cell UI without infusing or closing the game. We are looking into the cause and working on a fix.
  • Island Arrival emotes may not play when dropping into a hunt, we are investigating this and working on a solution.
  • Shrowd weapons, as well as anything equipped with the the Umbral Hunger cell, will completely prevent Slayers from being staggered, we are aware and looking into the cause of this.
  • Menus, icons, and controller support are a continued work in progress. Please use a mouse and keyboard where a controller is not fully supported.
  • Do not log into Dauntless from multiple places at the same time. It will lead to account data corruption.
  • Some Behemoths may not drop style cores, we are currently looking into why this is.
  • Behemoths may occasionally walk in irregular patterns. Fix this by slaying them.
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