Release: 1.2.0 Release: 1.2.0
Release: 1.2.0

1.2.0 introduces the new Blaze Escalation, the Searing Talons Hunt Pass, and allows players who complete their Hunt Pass to access the Vault.


New Escalation. Scorched Earth has arrived. Our new Escalation brings new amps, new Behemoth variants, and an all-new king of the hill. Ascend to the volcano to face Torgadoro, the biggest Behemoth yet!

Чудовища / Снаряжение / Охотничий пропуск Восхождение разгорается с новой силой…

Hunt Pass. The new Hunt Pass, Searing Talons, has arrived in Ramsgate. The Blaze Hawks know a thing or two about surviving the fire!

Чудовища / Снаряжение / Охотничий пропуск Searing Talons

The Vault. Players who complete their Hunt Pass will be able to earn Vault coins, which they can exchange at the Vault to get rewards from previous Hunt Passes.

Move list. The move list has been updated and reworked to show more information about combos, weapon specs, and variants. Access the move list on console from the main menu, or by hitting ‘L’ on PC.

Daily login cores. Getting your free daily login core from the store will now grant you new rewards. Cores award a small amount of rams, elemental orbs, arcstone, patrol chests, bounty tokens, or tonics. There’s even a small chance of receiving Vault coins or an emote!

Tips. Loading screens now have handy tips for you to read while waiting.



Aether strikers:

  • Titan’s Crash special total damage reduced to 1000 (down from 1200).

War pike:

  • Rate of stacking towards applying the weapon’s elemental effect (e.g. on fire) increased by 25%.


  • Quad cross 3rd hit damage increased to 140 (up from 130).
  • Quad cross 4th hit damage increased to 170 (up from 160).
  • Repeating elements final hit damage increased to 110 (up from 105).
  • Rising elements 2nd hit damage increased to 240 (up from 230).
  • Rising elements 3rd hit damage increased to 280 (up from 265).
  • Triple elements 4th hit damage increased to 325 (up from 315).
  • Triple elements 5th hit damage increased to 425 (up from 415).
  • Triple elements 6th hit damage increased to 525 (up from 515) (Momentum Pommel mod only).


  • Base shot damage increased to 80 (up from 70).
  • Empowered shot damage increased to 125 (up from 115).


  • Rate of stacking towards triggering the weapon’s elemental effect (e.g. on fire) have been doubled for melee attacks and aetherslam.

Malkarion weapon legendary ability:

  • Increased the size of the AoE to more consistently hit the maximum number of parts.

Charrogg weapons:

  • After spending a certain amount of stamina (varies per weapon), the next attack emits a cone of flame that deals 100/150/200 blaze damage to each unique target at rank 1/6/10.

Stormclaw weapons: Sword, axe, chain blades, and war pike:

  • After dodging through an attack, attacks grant 100% bonus meter for a time period.
  • Buff durations at rank 1/6/10:
    • Sword: 2/3/4 seconds.
    • Axe: 3/4/5 seconds.
    • Chain blades: 1/2/3 seconds.
    • War pike: 2/3/4 seconds.

Koshai weapons:

  • Unique effect triggers after 4 seconds of not dealing damage (down from 6 seconds).
  • Bonus damage increased to 50% (up from 25%).

Riftstalker weapons:

  • Each shadow orb provides 2.25% bonus damage (down from 2.5%) at max rank.

Hellion weapons:

  • Unique effect now deals 75/150/225 damage (down from 100/175/250) at ranks 1/6/10.
  • Chain blades: 11 hits required to trigger passive (up from 10).
  • Hammer and axe: 5 hits required to trigger passive (down from 6).

Boreus weapons:

  • Unique effect now deals 30/45/60 damage (up from 30/40/50) at ranks 1/6/10.
  • Chain blades now generate 3 sprites (up from 2) per special used.
  • Sword now generate sprites every 0.35s (down from 0.50s) during special.
  • War pike now generates 1 sprite per second for 6 seconds, triggered on both stored ammo and spent ammo.

Embermane weapons:

  • All Embermane weapons require one less hit to trigger their unique effects.

Nayzaga weapons:

  • Nayzaga sword and chain blades now trigger their unique effect on broken parts (previously triggered on wounded parts).

Shrike weapons:

  • Passive bonus damage/part damage can stack up to 3 times, and all stacks are expended on next hit.
  • Bonus core damage alongside part break damage.

Skraev weapons:

  • New VFX to indicate when their unique effect is ready.


Bounties have been tuned across the board. Some bounties were overwhelmingly popular due to their ease of being knocked out in a single Escalation, and others were overwhelmingly discarded due to the number of hunts required to finish them. We’ve rebalanced the objectives with the aim of making bounty choices more varied and meaningful, rather than being herded to an obvious choice of what was most achievable.

Additionally, bronze bounties will be easier to complete than silver bounties, and silver will be easier than gold. Getting a gold bounty should feel good, but also be more of a challenge to complete. We’ll be keeping a close eye on player choices through this patch, and making more adjustments as necessary.

Охотничий пропуск / Системы Введение престижа Охотничьего пропуск…


  • Lowered the height of Stormclaw electric fences. It is now possible to leap over them with moves that send you high enough.

  • Kharabaks no longer spawn on snow maps, as seeing them during their invisibility phase was more difficult than intended.

  • Improved the hitbox of Shrowd’s tail.


  • Increased display of maximum equipment power and resistance from 550 to 560. Certain equipment items have scores ending in 0.5 that were rounded down for display purposes. This change does not affect power or resistance, and instead removes rounding to accurately display gear score.

  • The Ice Shield hunt modifier description now more clearly conveys that the bonus damage applies to both Boreus and its shield.


  • Improved GPU performance. More FPS for everyone.
  • Improved server performance.
  • Reduced CPU usage on islands, in the city, in the airship, and on the map screen.
  • Reduced CPU usage on long hunts and Escalations.
  • Reduced CPU usage of particle effects and lava.
  • Reduced CPU usage of Quillshot quills, Riftstalker portals, Shrowd clones, Valomyr attacks, and Rezakiri attacks.
  • Reduced CPU usage of Shrowds, Riftstalkers, Pangars, and Hellions.
  • Optimized VFX of Shrowd nearsight and Riftstalker murder palace.
  • Improved performance of Adamant Bolt.
  • Improved performance of inventory and loadout checks.
  • Reduced lag when crafting items on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed some cases where FPS suddenly dropped on Nintendo Switch.
  • Optimized loading into the airship on Nintendo Switch.


  • Shoot and sprint can now be bound to the same button.
  • Hitting the Escape key on PC no longer changes the chat channel to public.
  • On PC, shortcut buttons can now be used when the menu is open (e.g. M for map).
  • Emojis will no longer show in the chatlog.
  • The airship info panel has been rescaled to better display information.
  • Added an option to mute audio when Dauntless isn’t focused.
  • Emotes can be replayed while previewing them.
  • Dialogue screens with multiple pages now have a back button.
  • Improved lighting in menus where the player is visible, making it easier to see what you’re wearing and how it will look outside the menu.
  • Updated the description on the Cunning cell to more accurately represent its effects.
  • Players can now hold ‘E’ to continuously craft/upgrade equipment.
  • Improved the appearance of long quest titles in the objective tracker HUD.
  • Randomizing the face in the character creator now has a confirmation popup, to prevent accidentally discarding your changes.
  • Skin icons now more accurately match the colour of the item in the loadout.
  • Previewing a three-dye bundle now shows all three dyes.
  • Removed the option to dye your helm if you aren’t wearing one.



Fixed crashes that could occur when:

  • Purchasing items in the store
  • Closing a crafting screen or menu
  • Toggling patrol bonuses in the airship on console


  • Shrowd tails no longer occasionally become untargetable after becoming enraged.
  • Hellions can no longer become stuck in their volcanoes after unburrowing.
  • Valomyrs no longer occasionally stand around doing nothing.
  • Lesser Gnashers no longer randomly forget they were fighting you.
  • Stagger indicators no longer hang in the air when a Behemoth’s attack causes it to disappear (e.g. Koshai tunnel, Riftstalker portal).
  • Shrike and Skraev projectile attacks no longer climb walls.
  • Riftstalker portal clones now appear at a normal speed. No more zoomies.
  • Riftstalker parts can no longer become untargetable after its portal attack.


  • War pike Harvester attacks can now interrupt on all hits.
  • Fixed a bug where the Destiny of Boreus chain blades didn’t generate frost sprites when using the Momentum Blades mod’s free special.
  • Player interactions (e.g. revive) can no longer be cancelled by being hit if a player is using mods or equipment that makes them unstaggerable.
  • Using Ardent Cyclone no longer causes armour to stretch.
  • Twin Suns (exotic repeaters) can no longer reload your bombs if interrupted by an attack.
  • Karma Breaker’s damage-over-time and Titan’s Crash now respect the rules of Tough Hide (Heroic Charrogg, Skarn rocks, and the Trials modifier), and no longer deal more damage than intended.
  • Improved the Twin Suns repeaters model to prevent clipping.
  • Fixed a bug where players were not able to roll out of the war pike charge attack.


  • Prismatic Grace (exotic Rezakiri helm) now works correctly while wounded.
  • Improved fit of Gnasher armour.
  • Equipping Quillspike Grips and Boreal Resolve no longer makes masculine left arms tiny.
  • Improved Malkarion’s Soul (chest) and Malkarion’s Grasp (arms) to prevent clipping when worn with other chest and arm armour.
  • Tattoos on the Master’s Tunic (chest armour skin) have been restored to their former glory.


  • Attacks that hit more than four Behemoth parts are no longer limited to showing four damage numbers.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in terrain after being hit by certain Malkarion attacks.
  • Fall recovery has been reworked — players are now far less likely to get stuck after falling off an island.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers to get launched into space when using certain moves against Skarn’s Whirling Fortress attack. Wheeeeeee.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers to fly off the initial drop point under certain rare circumstances.


  • Challenge rating and loadout summary displayed in the airship are now correct.
  • Fixed a bug where the Loadout menu, Map screen, and Hunt info current loadout summary could be momentarily incorrect for some players on slow connections.
  • Matchmaking screen and airship lobby no longer show placeholder text or icons.
  • Fixed a bug on the loadout screen that could cause your Slayer to not be wearing any armour.
  • Fixed a bug on PC where remapping the controller button for dodge could prevent the B button from being remapped to any other action, and dodge could not be remapped to any other button.


  • Fixed a bug where wound objectives on Behemoth mastery cards in Escalation were not being incremented until the boss round.
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading Twin Suns repeaters did not count toward any quests that required crafting.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause bounty cards go dark after drafting a bounty.


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the player from interacting with anything in Ramsgate.
  • Improved audio/video synchronization during the tutorial.
  • Migrated to Unreal Engine 4.24
  • Improved VFX on Slayer body and weapons.


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