Release: FA 0.1.2 Release: FA 0.1.2
Release: FA 0.1.2

Thank you for keeping the bug reports and feedback coming! We're hard at work on our next patch releasing Aug. 22nd.


Made several fixes and optimizations to the patcher in order to improve performance and stability.

We Found Benson

Rams will now properly spawn on the desert environment and with the correct item drops. A number of armour recipes should now be more accessible, including the Charrogg set.

Choice Cut

Fixed an issue with items drops on severed tails.

Why Can’t I Hold All These Catalysts?

Adjusted multiple recipes to reference the correct catalyst requirements.

You Slay Behemoths With That?

Fixed an issue preventing players from upgrading their weapons and armour to complete the Bosun’s quests. If you are still stuck, please contact us at [email protected].

Hot and Cold

We are still addressing issues around the Simmer Down and Keep Cool quest chains. If you are still stuck, please contact us at [email protected]. We anticipate having these quests fixed in a patch later this week.

It’s Not Ripe Yet

Fixed an issue where the quest Chilled Fruit would appear too early in quest progression and be uncompletable. If you end up being stuck as a result of this change, please contact us at [email protected].

It Goes to 11

Fixed an issue that caused audio settings to return to their default state after logging out.

Don’t Call Me Sally

Fixed an issue where incorrect Behemoth names were referenced in lanterns.

Who’s Afraid of The Dark?

Fixed issues with Shrowd’s encounter.

Behemoth Anatomy 101

Updated the naming conventions on some Behemoth parts.

Aim For Its Weak Point

Updated the ingredient requirements on the Skraevhelm.


Fixed an issue that allowed Nayzaga to be staggered consecutively

Who Invited All These People?

Optimized Ramsgate and its population to help improve performance.

Founder’s Alpha - Known Issues

We appreciate everyone’s patience and help while we solve the issues present in the Founder’s Alpha. We’re committed to constantly improving the Dauntless experience. Expect many more patches and improvements in the coming weeks.

  • We’re still optimizing performance, during this time please try lowering your graphic settings to improve your FPS.

  • When redeeming a code on, please ensure you are logged out of the game. Once your code has been redeemed, log back in.

  • Pausing the Intro Video that plays when first starting the game can have an adverse impact on the in-game camera.

  • Please do not log into Dauntless from multiple places at the same time, it can lead to data corruption.

  • Sometimes game servers take up to 5 minutes to properly start. If you hang on a loading screen and return to the main menu, please try logging in again.

  • Occasionally the hunt board will not connect to a hunt. If this happens, please log out and log back in and try again.

  • Behemoths may occasionally walk in irregular patterns.

  • Chat messages can sometimes fail to send. We’re working on a solution, and in the meantime please try resending your message.

  • Many menus, icons, and controller support is still a work in progress. Please use mouse and keyboard when controller is not fully supported.

  • We’re still improving our friend and social user interface. In the meantime you can use “/friend name” to add your friends. For example /friend SquidmoX

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