Release: OB 0.5.8 Release: OB 0.5.8
Release: OB 0.5.8

OB 0.5.8 is a quality of life patch that improves on the repeaters, adds mouse and controller sensitivity options, and resolves various bugs.


  • Added mouse and gamepad sensitivity options. MORE DOTS! MORE DOTS!

  • Fixed a bug that caused Slayers to be unable to customize their repeaters in the airship.

  • Repeaters will now stay firmly affixed to the Slayer bodies in Ramsgate.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players with high ping from unsheathing or attacking. Just hangin’ out.

  • Repeaters equipped with a Ballistic Chamber can now interrupt Behemoths if the player has Weighted Strikes +6.

  • Slightly extended the range and greatly extended the height for the repeaters’ empowered reload making it easier to work around vertical limitations.

  • Slayers can now rebind controls related to the repeaters without interfering with other controls.

  • Repeaters players will no longer be able to break out of frozen status by holding down their primary attack button. Like snow when the cold wind’s blowing.

  • The naming scheme for repeater parts has been changed to exclude parenthetical names (e.g. “Advanced”).

  • Walking into a Behemoth will no longer trigger a landing roll animation.

  • Slayers are now able to use the communication wheel while the repeaters are unholstered.

  • Fixed a bug that caused armours to sort alphabetically instead of by power.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers to load into a dark city and/or hunt, see other Slayers without their armour, or experience latency when on hunts or in Ramsgate.

  • Repeaters have undergone an audio mix pass to normalize and balance volume levels. As all things should be.


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