Release: 1.0.2 Release: 1.0.2
Release: 1.0.2

1.0.2 marks the arrival of the Night Hunters to Ramsgate, bringing with them a new Hunt Pass, “Haunted Shadows”. This is one of our biggest performance and quality of life patches to date, making the game faster and more stable than it’s ever been.


  • The Night Hunters and the Unseen have arrived in Ramsgate, heralding the beginning of a new Hunt Pass: Haunted Shadows. Drive back the darkness, or become one with it.

  • The “Missing Kat” quest was causing problems for players who needed Kat present for other quests. It’s been removed, and the content reworked to make sure she’s always accessible when you need her.

  • The Middleman now has an information panel that breaks down the basics of cell vending, including how to combine cells and how to speed up the process.

  • There’s a new Bounty Card for hunting with friends! This replaces the time-limited “Friends Indeed” quest, and comes in bronze, silver and gold variants.

  • If you purchase a sigil, banner fabric, or dye in the Personality screen, it will now automatically equip. No more clicking around to show off your new style!

  • Stalker’s Price, the Riftstalker hammer, has a new, unique ammo clip, giving it the flavour it deserves.

  • All Basic Track content from the Way of the Fist Hunt Pass is now purchasable from the store.

  • The in-game compass has been completely reworked, ensuring that Slayers can easily find their way around Ramsgate, identify quest prompts, and track flares while on a hunt.

  • There’s now an AFK timer on islands – players who are inactive for three minutes will be automatically returned to Ramsgate.



Stormclaw Hammer

  • Now returns aether-charged ammo, instead of 1.25x ammo.

Captain’s Grip

  • Attack speed bonus reduced to 15% (down from 20%).

  • Cooldown increased to 22 seconds (up from 20 seconds).


  • A number of Behemoths were set to power and resistance levels that did not match the lobby UI. These incorrect values have been adjusted to reflect their intended state. Most notably, all variants of Tempestborne Stormclaw were significantly weaker than intended and have been strengthened to match their intended levels. Power and resistance affect damage dealt and taken only – no changes were made to total health.

  • Additionally, we’ve fixed a bug that caused Heroic+ Behemoths to have weaker power/resistance values than intended. Heroic+ Skraev, Heroic+ Embermane, and Heroic+ Skarn now have their intended power and resistance values, bringing them more in line with the expected difficulty for Heroic+ hunts.

  • Tl;dr - late-game players will have a LOT more challenge on their plates.

  • The full list of power level changes:

    • Gnasher Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 425)

    • Boreus Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 475)

    • Embermane Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 475)

    • Shrike Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 450)

    • Skarn Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 425)

    • Charrogg Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 425)

    • Valomyr Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 500)

    • Kharabak Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 450)

    • Stormclaw Dire is now 400 (up from 250)

    • Stormclaw Heroic 500 (up from 250. Yikes!)

    • Stormclaw Heroic+ 550 (up from 250. Double yikes.)

    • Riftstalker is now 325 (down from 350)

    • Riftstalker Heroic+ is now 550 (up from 500)

    • Skraev Heroic is now 500 (down from 525)


  • Attack speed was originally thought of only as a function of DPS, but in practice we’re seeing it provide sizeable boosts to safety due to its ability to frequently proc on-hit effects. We’re reducing the magnitude of attack speed granting effects to reflect this.


  • Bonus attack speed reduced to 4/6/8/10/12.5/15% (down from 5/7/10/14/19/25%).
  • Buff duration increased to 10 seconds (up from 8 seconds).


  • Bonus attack speed reduced to 10% (down from 20%).
  • Bonus move speed reduced to 20% (down from 33%).

Evasive Fury:

  • Bonus attack speed reduced to 7.5/10/12.5/15/17.5/20% (down from 4/8/12/16/20/25%).
  • Bonus attack speed is now active for 16 seconds at all ranks.

Wild Frenzy:

  • Bonus attack speed reduced to 7.5/10/12.5/15/17.5/20% (down from 5/8/12/16/20/25%).


  • Bonus damage reduced to 10/20/30/40/50/60% (down from 15/20/25/40/55/70%).


  • Embermane lantern bonus attack speed reduced to 25% (down from 30%).

  • All lantern tap abilities now charge in 30 seconds (down from 40 seconds).

  • Aetheric Attunement and Aetherdrive Tonic no longer affect the charge rate of lantern tap abilities.



  • Improving performance has been a key goal of 1.0.2. Players should see frame rate increases of 20 - 30% improvement on average. Here’s how we got there!

  • Improved baseline frames per second and general performance on islands.

  • Improved average frames per second and general performance in Ramsgate.

  • Reduced CPU usage of trees, grass, landscape, cloth, translucent objects, damaged text, and compass markers.

  • Reduced CPU usage when using chainblades.

  • Reduced CPU usage of grenades in general.

  • Improved performance when using Molten Edict, Incendiary Grenades, Frost Grenades, Pangar Lantern, Skarn Lantern, and full-bore chamber (repeaters part).

  • Improved performance during frost grenade explosions.

  • Reduced baseline CPU usage on all Behemoths. Additionally:

  • Reduced CPU usage of Quillshot quills.

  • Reduced CPU usage of Valomyr’s galaxy projectile attack.

  • Reduced CPU usage of Rezakiri and Valomyr beam attacks.

  • Improved performance of all area of effect attacks including lava pools.

  • Improved performance of Riftstalker portals.

  • Improved performance of Valomyr teleports, and Hellion/Pangar unborrows.

  • Improved performance of Hellion/Charrog lava balls, and Embermane fireballs.

  • Decreased overall memory usage.

  • Decreased the initial load time when loading into Ramsgate.


  • Improved readability of Janek Zai’s menu screen titles.

  • Flare and banner animation previews are better framed in the Hunt Pass and Personality menus.

  • Crafting with a controller will no longer say “Hold” when there’s nothing to craft or upgrade.

  • Improved clarity on what the Daily Patrol Bonus does.

  • Improved controller navigation on the Help screen and main menu.

  • Improved navigation experience on the Mastery rewards menu and dyes panel.

  • Re-arranged the order of items on the main menu in order to better serve the way players use it.

  • Crafting menus with NPCs that have no other options will close when exited, rather than be returned to the interaction selection screen.


  • Cell exchanges now display a clearer visual indicator when they can be sped up.

  • The party indicator is now clickable on PC, allowing use of the social menu with only the mouse.

  • Help menu visuals are now clearer and easier to interact with.

  • Keybindings now only show, and use, one key per binding.

  • Armour in the crafting screen now shows the base power in the equipped section, and does not include the elemental bonus. This should eliminate confusion about armour power levels, since armour power quest objectives only consider the base power of armour.

  • Updated some inaccurate move list descriptions.

  • Added the ability to disable automatic reload on Repeaters after running out of ammo.

  • The Patrol Chest ON/OFF toggle will now remember your previous choice.


  • Increased the size of the interaction box for aether vents to more accurately match the model.

  • Skraev’s projectile attack has a new arc, and the VFX are now easier to read on snow maps.

  • Teammates in your hunt will now show up on your compass, with a screen-edge hint when you’re facing away from them. This should make them easier to locate.

  • Teammate player names now only fade when they break line of sight (e.g. are behind a wall).


  • Quitting the game before completing the tutorial will no longer make you redo character creation.

  • Decreased the likelihood of emotes not interacting with objects when using the feminine body type.



  • Fixed a bug that reduced performance after opening the loadout menu.


  • Fixed a bug where the Middleman’s background was inadvertently blurred.

  • Fixed a bug where the Middleman’s cell salvage screen would become unresponsive for up to 1.5 seconds when salvaging cells.

  • Fixed a bug where non-English languages could spill out of some UI text boxes.

  • Fixed a bug where certain repeater parts were missing information/description sections.

  • Fixed a bug where some highlighting didn’t match the selection when moving between weapon crafting tabs.

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent a purchase from being completed if the store page was left open too long.

  • Fixed a bug where some button labels on menus/interfaces did not update after changing keybindings.

  • Fixed a bug where some cosmetic items (e.g. hair tints, facepaints) did not correctly preview when selected in the store.

  • Fixed a bug that made scrolling through the Personality menu on PC … less than smooth.

  • Fixed a bug where player names would remain on the HUD even after they disconnected or quit.


  • Fixed an issue where pike’s light attack combo damage would reset after each heavy attack, leading to less damage per attack when weaving.

  • Fixed an issue where pike’s light attack 2x, 3x and 4x combos had shorter hitboxes than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where Hellion and Boreus weapons did less elemental damage than intended.

  • Fixed a bug with Twin Suns repeaters where, if the bombs timed out, every subsequent reload became empowered.

  • Fixed an issue where Molten could trigger off non-direct-weapon damage (e.g. lantern damage, Karma Breaker DoT)

  • Fixed a bug where dodging immediately after a jump would prevent the player from comboing out of the dodge.

  • Fixed a bug where the chain blades’ chains could stretch and touch the ground.


  • Fixed a bug where the Fiery Helm (Embermane helmet) was missing the front part of its mask.


  • Fixed some bugs that could cause clipping between Slayer arm and chest armour.

  • Fixed a bug where equipment could flicker or blink when being upgraded or crafted.

  • Defender’s Cuirass will no longer make a section of the player’s arm invisible.

  • Fixed a bug where the character model could get pushed off screen when copying loadouts.

  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Plate (Stormclaw chest armour) Shockmane chest armour could clip into player bodies.


  • Fixed a bug where certain rocks and parts of Sovereign’s Throne (island) could lead people to fall off the island after hitting aether jets.

  • Fixed some clipping and texture stretching bugs in Ramsgate.

  • Fixed a bug where players could fall through the world on the tutorial map.

  • Fixed a bug where some tutorial dialogue lines were repeated.

  • Fixed a bug where quest markers in Ramsgate would sometimes be missing for Slayers with slow connections.


  • Fixed a bug where the Logging Out emote could fall through the floor.

  • Fixed a bug where arrival emotes obtained through the core breaker were incorrectly listed as social emotes.

  • Fixed some instances of out-of-place models and VFX clipping during arrivals.

  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons to be invisible in some weapon-specific arrivals.

  • Fixed a bug where some banner plant VFX could persist after the animation ended.


  • Fixed the top three most commonly-occurring crashes, a large number of less frequent and rare crashes, and one cause of server crash.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when removing an audio device.

  • Fixed an infrequent crash that could occur when playing on a poor connection.


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