Release: OB 0.6.2 Release: OB 0.6.2
Release: OB 0.6.2

OB 0.6.2 is the final patch of 2018 and brings with it reworks to how damage is calculated to improve reliability, fixes for the plague of boneitis, and enough balance and quality of life improvements to fill Silver Nikola's bag.


  • Behemoths are now less likely to twist, contort, and otherwise succumb to Boneitis. We’re still working to track down every case and complication, and we’re on the case! Doctors DeVoe and Geiger look forward to hosting you and every Slayer who opposes Boneitis at this year’s charity gala.

  • Base damage, damage multipliers, life steal, lantern charge, and weapon meter charge now trigger more reliably off all weapon damage. This will also help weapons that previously didn’t, such as the war pike missile and Molten Edict projectile, trigger effects such as lifesteal. This fix also resolves a bug which caused Behemoth-spawned objects which were not being destroyed when Behemoths were immune to staggering.

  • Ballistic/salvo projectiles fired from umbral repeaters will no longer hang in the air.

  • Collision with foliage has been improved across the Shattered Isles. EVEN FERNS CANNOT STOP US NOW!

  • The objectives for the “Call to Adventure” quest are now much more evident.

  • Progress bars will now accurately reflect percentage progress.

  • Slaying Valomyr will now correctly give credit for the daily “Blinded By The Light” challenge. Revved up like a deuce, Another Slayer in the night.

  • Despite trees in the game attempting to develop the botanical version of boneitis, they are now less likely to snap and block player vision.

  • Moved a tree on Sovereign’s Throne that Slayers could get stuck behind.

  • Introduced more character creator refinements and polish. Eyebrows and eyelashes should not clip into heads anymore.

  • Shrike and Skraev’s will look more natural when flying away.

  • Fixed a bug where the guild nameplate would not be shown below some player names.

  • It is now easier to break Riftstalker’s tail and legs.

  • The visual effects on the Embermane lantern’s hold ability have been completely overhauled.

  • Introduced new audio and VFX for the Sumo Stomp emote.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Riftstalker weapons to not be sorted properly in the equipment vendor.

  • Earning enough XP to finish and go past a reputation track will now carry the remainder over to the prestige track.

  • Polished and optimized the environment art and layout across all of Underwald.

  • Added new wind gust VFX to Shrike’s jump slam.

  • Fixed an issue where Slayers could reorient the sword overdrive special dash while experiencing high latency.

  • Skraev, Bloodfire, and Rezakiri weapons tooltips now correctly indicate that their bonus damage is for part damage.

  • Radiant Prisms will now shatter after they take enough damage.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers to appear bald while wearing the Sentinel Mask. I wish I was only bald while wearing the Sentinel Mask…

  • Hunt Pass rewards will now be shown to the player in the order that they were earned, from lowest level to most recent.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Koshai’s vine patches to sometimes not spawn, and cause its leap attack area of effect to be offset.

  • Improved readability of damage numbers and fixed a bug that desaturated stagger text.

  • Players will no longer see hit and splash effects playing in the center of the map.

  • Fixed an issue where stack counts of effect could display incorrectly on their icons.


  • Valomyr balance and difficulty tuning:
    • Improved audio and sound queues to better inform when attacks are starting and ending.

    • Sped up orb projectile movement.

    • Put radiant AoE blasts on teleport entrances.

    • Reduced pickup amounts in small and big galaxy patterns.

    • Made buff pickup locations change based on clockwise/counterclockwise rotation of orbs.

    • Changed the circle-around drone pattern on normal Valomyr to fire more beams simultaneously.

    • Gave Valomyr a chance to teleport directly on top of one player and start the small “galaxy” attack.

    • Reduced orbit radius on Valomyr’s rage orbs to prevent them from hitting players outside of the radiant prism.

  • Koshai weapons now activate after 6 seconds, down from 8.

  • Riftstalker weapons only stack up to 8 orbs, damage bonus reduced to 2.5% per orb down from 3%.

  • Valomyr weapons now deal 550 damage on proc, up from 400.

  • Jingle Bells sounds will play on Silver Nikola and Golden Bells armour transmog targets. This decreases sneak by 2 but increases charisma by 34.


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