Dauntless Development Roadmap for details on upcoming content."> Dauntless Development Roadmap for details on upcoming content."> Dauntless Development Roadmap for details on upcoming content." />
Release: OB 0.5.0 Release: OB 0.5.0
Release: OB 0.5.0

The Coming Storm is rolling into Ramsgate, beckoning Slayers into unknown territory. Koshai has thrashed the Ostian armada and now it's up to you to drive it back into the Maelstrom.

OB 0.5.0 is the first in a series of updates that will be rolling out over the coming weeks as the storm intensifies. These coming updates will deliver new content, quality of life improvements, numerous bug fixes, and a new, ranged weapon. While The Coming Storm was originally announced as one large update later in August, we will instead be breaking it up into pieces – delivering on your request for more frequent content updates. You can expect additional elements of The Coming Storm to arrive and be refined week over week.

Want to track what’s coming next? Keep an eye on the Dauntless Development Roadmap for details on upcoming content.

Sovereign of Thorns

Koshai arrives

A new threat looms at the edge of the Maelstrom and even the Ostian armada seems powerless to stop it. Whispers among Ramsgate’s farslayers weave a warning of Koshai’s might and ferocity. And there are some who say that this terrible power is only a shadow of what’s yet to come.


The Might of Ostia

The Ostians have come to Ramsgate

The Ostians have arrived in Ramsgate, bringing new technology and supplies. Their mastery of metalworking and complex mechanisms allows them to create contraptions that have never been seen in Ramsgate.

Ostian Ship
Ostian Ship

Prepare for
the Boom

All new Ostian Grenades

Grenades are the first of several new Ostian innovations brought to Ramsgate to aid Slayers in their pursuit of Koshai. These volatile combinations of aether and technology will give Slayers a much-needed edge in their fight against the Sovereign of Thorns.

Read more about how you can gear up.


The Hunting Grounds

A new island emerges from the Maelstrom

The Sovereign of Thorns is no ordinary Behemoth – and its floating domain is no ordinary island. Pulled together from various landmasses and lashed together with brambles and roots, Sovereign’s Throne challenges adventurers to delve into caves and vault across floating crags.

Sovereign of Thorns

Patch Notes

Weapons, Armour, and Supplies

  • The smiths of Ramsgate are hard at work crafting pieces of quality gear based on Koshai. Look forward to powerful weapons and armour after you take the fight to the beast.
  • Slayers can now harness the power of Ostian grenades!
  • Fire trails have been added to jumping Hellion axe attacks. Jumping axe swings now look 23.4% more metal. 🤘
  • The Shockjaw Scythe’s unique effect healing has been reduced from 200 to 100 to improve balance and align it more closely with other dire weapons.
  • Pangar and Shrike lantern abilities have had their visual effects improved. Guaranteed to send a chill down your spine!
  • Inspiring Pylon damage bonus now also applies to dealing damage to the Behemoth’s core health.
  • Pylon areas of effect will now light up for any pylons placed after the first.
  • Lifespring Pylons will now correctly heal any Slayers inside the area of effect, including any who enter after it has already been placed.
  • Thanks to community feedback and tips, we have resolved the bug which could result in infinite Godhand beam firing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused lifedrain tonics to occasionally double activate. In order to ensure that lifedrain tonics still feel useful after this fix, lifesteal has been increased from 8% to 12%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused damage done by lanterns to count towards elemental status effects in different amounts depending on the weapon that was equipped.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rezakiri weapons to incorrectly do more base damage (5-10% depending on item level) than intended.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players with both a tough cell and Tragic Echo equipped to recover less health than intended when reviving.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the The Hunger from losing special meter after using Feast for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Concussive Aether (hammer blasts after a full combo) from doing damage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blaze aether damage to charge lanterns.
  • Koshai has arrived and brings with it an all-new island: Sovereign’s Throne.
  • Moonreaver, Firebrand, Shockjaw, and Razorwing have been affected by Koshai’s influence and have been imbued by the power of its thorns. These new Thornbound Behemoths are now tougher than ever before.
  • The visual effects on Shrowd’s corruption debuff have been revised to better reflect the move’s actual duration.
  • Stormclaw’s thundercloud no longer disappears, allowing Slayers to better forecast its attacks.
  • Moonreaver Shrike and Bloodfire Embermane’s stagger duration after being interrupted have been shortened. Slayers looking to get the upper hand in the Maelstrom will need to react even quicker.
  • Attacks emanating from Nayzaga’s pylons will no longer clip through the Behemoth’s body. This will prevent Slayers from being unfairly blasted. Nayzaga’s hide now adheres to IEEE insulation standards.
  • Small shock orbs fired by Nayzaga’s pylons will no longer knock Slayers down, resulting in a less tedious encounter. Large shock orbs will now home in on Slayers and will deal increased damage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Stormclaw’s pounce attack from doing damage or dealing shock aether damage. Feral, feline prowess increased by 2.34%.

Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles

  • The Ostians have done some drastic, high-speed remodels on the docks of Ramsgate using… less-than-traditional methods.
  • Moyra has hammered together an all-new Armourer reputation track. Test her hard work and your skills!
  • Slayers are now less likely to bump, jitter, or trip when traversing roots and rugged landscape.
  • Improved network performance for Slayers connecting to Ramsgate. This should result in fewer disconnects and quicker load times.
  • Slayers passing through hollow logs may notice new audio effects, approximating hollow arboreal acoustics with a perfection that defies known Sabine formulae.
  • The czar of zeniths, the rōshi of roofs, the tenzo of traversal has moved. Can you find Benson?
  • Xelya has donned her farslayer gear. If anyone has any inkling of what the Coming Storm will bring, it’s her.
  • Numerous bug fixes to locations where Slayers could get stuck while traversing islands.
  • Network and performance improvements have been implemented across Ramsgate and the Shattered Isles.

Quality of Life

  • Slayers have told us that patrolling the Shattered Isles can be tedious, especially when they are trying to work towards new gear. As a result, quests that forced Slayers to patrol have been replaced with quests centred around killing Behemoths.
  • Slayers new to the Maelstrom will encounter a new quest flow, warming up with additional dire Behemoth hunts before taking on Shrowd and Rezakiri.
  • Players should now disconnect less frequently when travelling back to Ramsgate after a hunt.
  • Damage numbers now pop up faster, tightening the link between attack and impact. Slayers should have a better sense of how they’re performing.
  • Added new animations for jumping and aether jet surfing. Ride that aetherwave.
  • Slayers will receive more obvious notifications when they attempt to use items in locations or situations where they are not usable.
  • Improved server performance for players on lower speed connections.
  • Completionists and collectors can now round out their arsenals by crafting the recruit’s axe and war pike after unlocking them from the Weaponsmith reputation track. Beautiful, beyond compare.
  • Slayers damaged by the wound debuff will no longer get knocked back after using up their stamina.
  • Animal-themed error codes have been removed from the patcher after learning from some fans in non-English countries that the existing errors could be viewed as offensive. This was unintentional and we are working on a set of new, universally appropriate names. We apologize to anyone who may have been offended.
  • The in-game credits have been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players would not receive their prestige rewards if they were playing in fullscreen mode and used alt-tab to minimize the game during the end of hunt sequence.
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles would sometimes pass through targets without hitting them. This applied to both Slayers and Behemoths.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain armours to disappear after transmogging.
  • The “hide helmet” option should now work consistently.
  • Fixed a bug where quest objectives that required a specific power level would show an incorrect power level in the quest journal.
  • Players will no longer get perfect dodge credit during a stagger or knockdown.
  • Fixed a bug where Slayers were sometimes unable to attack after unsheathing their weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a new friend to your friends list wouldn’t save correctly and instead removed your latest addition. A similar bug that wouldn’t let you remove friends from your friends list has also been resolved.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Slayers to be frozen even if they had the warmth cell equipped.
  • Reworded some quest text to clarify the required objectives.
  • Fixed a bug where (rarely) changing your armour wouldn’t update the calculated armour stats until the next hunt.

Known Issues

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