Release: OB 0.6.0 Release: OB 0.6.0
Release: OB 0.6.0

OB 0.6.0 introduces Hunt Pass Season One, unleashes radiant Behemoth Valomyr, brings Frostfall to Ramsgate, and makes platinum costs a whole lot clearer.


  • Frostfall lowers the temperature in Ramsgate and brings the first ever Hunt Pass to the Shattered Isles. Slayers will be able to work their way through the pass to earn exclusive Frostfall loot and more. Purchase access to the Elite track for even more rewards!

  • A new Behemoth has been spotted in the Shattered Isles! Keep a shaded eye out for the radiant brilliance of Valomyr.

  • Gregario Flynt has installed a new mirror in Ramsgate to allow Slayers to adjust their style while he focuses on giving out the goodies from the new Hunt Pass.

  • The smiths of Ramsgate have already begun refining Valomyr parts into armour and weapons, including a radiant prism and barrel. Meanwhile, the new Lucent Cell lets Slayers charge their lanterns when they use their heal flask – in exchange for a slower, stronger heal over time (vs. the default instant heal).

  • Platinum is also undergoing a change. From now on, $1USD = 100 platinum. This should make it much easier to understand how much you’re spending when you purchase things with this premium currency. (The previous rate was $1USD = 30 platinum.) All store prices will be updated to reflect this change, and anyone with a platinum balance will see their balance increase to match the new rates.

  • The goodest boy in all of Ramsgate is feeling extra festive this year. Be sure to pay him a visit and give him some love.


  • Fixed a nasty bug that could cause the escape key to fail to back out of menus.

  • Slayers will now receive the same daily and weekly challenges as others who have progressed to the same point. (I.e. anyone in the Heroic Maelstrom should receive the same challenges.)

  • Fixed several bugs that caused Slayer to appear bald or eyeless depending on their choice of helmet. Dark Harvest is over, Frostfall has begun.

  • The Cos-Slayers have returned to the Broken Blade after a prolonged adventure to the edge of the frontier! Returning with them is xer0nreloaded, who can now be seen on the overpass near the Broken Blade in Ramsgate. This dedicated Slayer earned in-game immortality for slaying the largest number of Behemoths in our Closed Beta. Stop by and raise a mug to them!

  • Improved the reliability and speed of aiming and using the chain blades’ pull special.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers would sometimes float sideways after petting a dog in Ramsgate.

  • Introduced performance improvements across multiple islands.

  • Optimized some art effects in Ramsgate.

  • Slayers will now see their total platinum balance on screens that allow them to purchase things outside the store (e.g. dye menu, emote menu).

  • Fixed a bunch of typos and grammar errors. The jury is still out on semicolons.

  • Fixed a bug where Slayers’ heads could appear in the ground on their first visit to Ramsgate. Seriously, Dark Harvest is over.

  • Fixed a bug where some Slayers could craft their repeater prism before intended.


  • Slayers will now be able to load the repeaters when at max ammo, allowing for Empowerment without having to first fire a shot.

  • Aetheric Attunement now only increases lantern generation from attacks.


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